Teaching and Learning in an Environment of New Technologies
Who we are?
What we do?
  • Support faculty/staff at every level of the development of their innovative ideas for teaching and learning, professional development and educational research.
  • Maintain a bank of innovative ideas and projects at TUSDM.
  • Create an efficient workflow by streamlining the process for development and execution of new ideas.
  • Identify gaps in effective and meaningful teaching and learning at TUSDM and support innovative faculty/staff projects and professional development opportunities to fill those gaps.
  • Mentor faculty and staff at every level of the process from the beginning to the end of their educational projects.
  • Identify faculty and staff who apply creative and evidence based pedagogical approaches (course design/enhancement).
  • Spotlight faculty and staff who use the latest technological advancements in various settings (didactic, preclinical and clinical).
  • Guide faculty/staff in finding collaborators and overcoming challenges and barriers to innovation.

Contact:  talent@tufts.edu