I am currently a Research Associate at Allen Discovery Center at Tufts University, under the directorship of Dr. Michael Levin.

Since I began my research as a doctoral student in Dr. Nelson D. Horseman’ laboratory at University of Cincinnati my interest has been towards  studying development and regeneration of organ systems and particularly the role of biophysical forces in this process. My graduate work involved studying the mammary gland (breast) which is unique in terms of its regenerative capacity associated with each pregnancy and related hormonal change. I studied the mammary gland serotonin system and how it employs the regulation of tight junctions and transepithelial electric potentials to control various aspects of mammary gland development, regeneration, function and disease.

My current work at Tufts focuses on studying endogenous bioelectrical signals as patterning information conduits during embryogenesis towards formation of various organ systems particularly neural systems (eye and brain). This knowledge will help us in understanding how to apply this bioelectric information processing modality in regenerating such organ systems for treatment of birth defects, injuries and diseases.  My background in Biophysics, Physiology and Molecular and Cellular Biology combined with Dr. Levin’s laboratory expertise in Developmental and Regenerative Biology, Computational and Synthetic Biology and Mathematical Modeling provide a rich and exciting environment to push boundaries of our knowledge and have significant impact on our understanding of information encoding and processing in biological systems.




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