Fall 2016

Cummings Notables

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300W_Cummings schoolElizabeth Byrnes, an associate professor of biomedical sciences, and Fair Vassoler, a postdoctoral fellow, in June co-chaired a symposium at the annual meeting of the International Behavioral Neuroscience Society in Budapest, Hungary, that focused on adolescent drugs and stress.

José M. García-López, an associate professor and director of equine sports medicine and surgery, was featured in The Atlantic magazine article “What It’s Like to Be a Doctor for Sport Horses?” that highlighted the sports medicine and surgery service at Cummings School.

In August, the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians gave Terry Norton, V86, its Emil Dolensek Award in recognition of his work as the director and veterinarian for the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. The award, which is not presented every year, honors exceptional contributions to the conservation, care and understanding of zoo and free-ranging wildlife.

Martha Smith-Blackmore, V97, president of Forensic Veterinary Investigations, testified at the Massachusetts State House in support of legislation that would require owners and landlords of rented or foreclosed properties to check them for abandoned animals within three days after tenants move out. If abandoned animals are found, they must be reported to the local animal control officer or other authorities.

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