Fall 2017


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How Dogs Think

Jessica Perry Hekman, V12, VG12, discusses how genetics and experience shape the canine mind.

The Flu Hunters

Tufts researchers are working to keep the world one step ahead of the next pandemic.

A Rescue Mission

Jim Desmond, V08, VG08, cares for primates in crisis and tracks Ebola in Liberia.

When Anti-Vaxxers Go to the Vet

To counteract misinformation about vaccines, veterinarians share the latest dos and don’ts for your pets.

The Campus Buzz

A new selective in honeybee medicine is preparing veterinarians to work with beekeepers.

The Grief Counselor Is In

Three questions for Eric Richman, Cummings School's first veterinary social worker.

Preventing Prescription Drug Abuse

Follow these guidelines for safe handling of pet prescriptions.

How Much is That Doggy in the PJs?

Meet Peanut, the corgi star of a virtual-reality game created by two Tufts engineering alums.

On the Front Lines of Animal Heart Care

Meet Cummings School’s Kristen Antoon, one of only 20 veterinary technicians in the country certified in cardiology.

And the Survey Says…

A biodiversity assessment reveals the many kinds of fauna living on the Grafton campus.

Demystifying Veterinary Clinical Trials

A veterinary oncologist explains the ins and outs of experimental studies.

Advocating for Educators

Meet Nicholas Frank, the new associate dean for academic affairs at Cummings School.

Born to Win

Tufts veterinarian Rachael Gately has produced three of the last four national champion ewes.

Why I Give

Darryl and Rose Sakach share why they support the Cummings Veterinary Fund.

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The Benefits of Reading to Dogs

In a study, reading aloud to dogs improved children’s attitudes toward school books.

Collaborating for a Cure

Veterinary and human cardiologists at Tufts make the case for studying a heart condition together to accelerate the pace of new treatments.

Can We Eradicate Goat Plague?

A Cummings School researcher is looking to wipe out a viral illness that threatens endangered species—and the livelihoods of families in the developing world.

Is Diet Linked to Disease?

A Tufts Ph.D. candidate is investigating a possible cause behind the alarming decline of bee populations.