Spring 2018


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A Revolution in Grafton

Over 40 years, Cummings School has built itself into an international leader.

Birth of the Veterinary School

What it was like at the beginning, as told by some of the people who lived it.

The Goat Doc

Dairy farmer Cara Sammons-Shepard, V16, became a veterinarian—and now helps others.

A Mastiff Issue in China

A conservation medicine alum addresses the problem of free-ranging dogs on the Tibetan plateau.

Combating Dogfighting

New research reveals distinct wound patterns from the criminal enterprise—and may provide a new tool for law enforcement.

Animal Instinct

Can we capitalize on kids’ affinity for animals to foster diversity in veterinary medicine and other STEM fields?

Helping Women in Recovery

Creating better animal models may help pregnant women—and support children exposed to opioids in utero.

Stepping Up

As the Cummings School dean becomes Tufts’ provost ad interim, an interim dean is announced.

Catching Every Cancer Cell

A veterinary surgeon tests an experimental imaging technology with help from Tufts at Tech.

The Cure for the Common Desk Lunch

Tufts Paws for People employs therapy animals as motivators to get employees—and others—to exercise more during business hours.

Equine-Industry Entrepreneurs

Lauren Ungar, V19 (left), and Mary Davis, V19, are winning attention with their proposal for an app to help owners keep horses healthy.

Teamwork at its Finest

Through the Professorship Partnership Challenge, generous donors help Tufts attract world-class talent.

An Officer and a Veterinarian

Lessons learned from Hugh Mainzer, V90, who received the Tufts University Alumni Association's Distinguished Achievement Award.

A Leader’s Legacy

David McGrath, V86, AG83, chaired the Cummings School Board of Advisors since 2006.

One of a Kind

Character Sketch of Jennifer Grady, V12.

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Jan 1, 1970


Jan 1, 1970


Jan 1, 1970


The $25 Million Pill

Two Cummings School alums help lead the charge to find a better way to control the number of free-roaming cats and dogs.

The Dispensary is Open (and Very Busy)

Veterinary pharmacists bring a love of animals to a critical role at Cummings School.

Why I Give

Cummings School is a community dedicated to the well-being of the animals who bring so much to our lives.