Winter 2013

Grant Funds New Faculty Position

Funding will enhance Tufts' global health network

Cummings Foundation, through its grantmaking affiliate, OneWorld Boston, has awarded $100,000 to the Cummings School to hire a new faculty member for the school’s International Veterinary Medicine program. The support of at-risk international communities where diseases spread from animals to humans is a longstanding tenet of the school’s mission and aligns with the philanthropic priorities of Bill Cummings, A58, H06, president of the foundation.

“The promotion of social equality and justice is among the priorities of OneWorld Boston,” said Joel Swets, executive director of Cummings Foundation. “We recognize that the Cummings School’s global health initiatives have the potential to affect food access and small business development in a positive way, improving health and economic opportunities in unstable areas.”

At the time it was founded in 1982, Tufts’ International Veterinary Medicine program was unusual in that it anticipated the need for globally oriented veterinarians who understood that the health of humans, animals and the environments in which they coexist are inextricably linked. The program meshes classroom learning with experiences in the field. Students have worked on rabies control in Nepal, poultry health in southern Africa and avian influenza control in Indonesia.

The gift will help the school stabilize and expand one of its signature programs, said Dean Deborah T. Kochevar. “We are very grateful for this opportunity to enhance the International Veterinary Medicine program and Tufts’ entire global health network,” she said. “We look forward to bringing on board an exemplary leader who will not only build the program, but who also will collaborate with colleagues across Tufts University, focusing on solutions in medicine, nutrition, diplomacy and citizenship and public service.”

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