Winter 2014


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Cell Cure

A novel transplant therapy holds promise for treating human and animal cancers

The Old Men and the Sea

Cummings School alumna chronicles the end of the Azorean whaling industry

The Healers

There's much more to pet therapy than simply showing up with a friendly dog

A Worm That Ruins Lives

The hunt is on for a cure for a debilitating infection that afflicts 200 million people

Sleep Tight

What you'll want to know about anesthesia, whether your pet's procedure is risky

Tiger Beat

Alumna is on a mission to rescue big cats and curb illegal wildlife trafficking

Buckle Up?

Strapping in Fido may do more harm than good

Treating Incisors, Molars and Canines

How a dentist for human patients ended up caring for the four-legged kind

In Plain Sight

Ultrasonographer Wade Tenney delights in getting equine athletes back on track

In Sheep Shape

Veterinary teaching flock moves into a new home

Controlling Feral Cats

Vasectomy and hysterectomy prove most effective in controlling stray feline colonies

Anniversaries Galore

Veterinary graduates rally to meet alumna’s financial aid challenge

The Conversation

David McGrath, V86, talks about his golden lab, his mentor and why he doesn’t run the Boston Marathon

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When Minutes Count

Tufts' Foster Hospital receives national designation as level 1 trauma center

Is There an App for That?

Videos and tablets facilitate students’ transition from the classroom to the clinics

Animal Economics

With training in veterinary medicine and policy, Emerson Tuttle looks to mitigate the losses caused by foot-and-mouth disease

LGBT Leadership

Lesbian and Gay Veterinary Medical Association calls Cummings School dean a 'model for equality'