Welcome to the 2021 VizAthon: Disrupting Childhood Obesity, presented by the Data Intensive Studies Center at Tufts (DISC) and ChildObesity180. We are excited to see what creative visualizations you create!

Questions? Contact: Polly Harrington – pauline.harrington@tufts.edu or Larissa Calancie, PhD – larissa.calancie@tufts.edu

This VizAthon is a Hack-A-Thon style event aimed at producing compelling data visualizations that bridge scientific research with community-level initiatives.

All entries should be visually appealing and easily understood, but entries that include interactive elements, are geographically customizable, utilize time-series or longitudinal data, and/or highlight disparities in health outcomes along socio-demographic segments, are especially encouraged.

Participation is open to all current Tufts University students, regardless of background or program. We encourage working in teams with combinations of different skill sets and backgrounds, and we want students learning design, data science, social science, computer science, community health and more to work together. If you are interested in contributing your ideas to the important cause of Disrupting Childhood Obesity at the community stakeholder level, we want you!

The best designs will be integrated into a community health dashboard through the ongoing work of collaborative partnerships between ChildObesity180 and community stakeholders. Our goal is to give communities access to data, and representative visualizations, to help them develop community initiatives that act on these important health indicators. What you submit in this event may be used in future research, public dashboards, and shown directly to community members.