e. Seasr Integration

SEASR, the Software Environment for the Advancement of Scholarly Research (http://seasr.org/), is a research and development environment capable of powering leading-edge digital humanities initiatives. This site enables researchers to use machine learning programs.

Once an environment is built in SEASR to use these flows or programs, you can execute these flows from within VUE.

To initiate a SEASR analysis:

  1. Select Analysis > SEASR. The SEASR Analysis window opens.
    Following the three steps outlined in the SEASR window:
  2. In the SEASR window, either type a URL into the first field or select a node containing a URL.
    In step 2, there are three options for adding data to the map: nodes, metadata, or notes. Your selection in step 2 affects the available options in step 3.
  3. Make a selection from the “What kind of data do you want to add to your map?” field.
  4. In step 3, select a SEASR flow. The Analyze button activates.
  5. Click Analyze. Data (the 10 most common or frequent) is added to the map.
  • Metadata choice populates with the 10 most frequent keywords
  • Notes populates with the 10 most common words in the resource