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WordPress Upgrade to 5.0

Attention all site administrators/authors

We are planning on upgrading to WordPress 5.0 on the morning of Sunday February 24th, 2019, 7am-9am.

This upgrade brings with it a significant new feature called “Block-based editing” which provides you with a lot more control over page layout.

Read more about that here: What’s New in WordPress 5.0.


To try out your site on our “staging” environment prior to the upgrade please visit:

You have access to that environment from now until February 22nd and we encourage you to try it out prior to the upgrade.

Don’t Like Block-Based Editing?

We will also be installing the Classic Editor plugin for users who prefer the traditional editor. You will need to activate that plugin on a site per site basis should you wish to use it.

Feedback/Bug Reports

If you have any questions, concerns, or see anything unusual onĀ please send an email to