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Symposium: Have US military programs made African countries less safe?
Alex de Waal joins a mix of foreign policy, regional, and security experts  to answer the question, “How do you assess U.S. security/counterterrorism programs in Africa over the last two decades, and what changes would you make to improve relations overall?

THE GUARDIAN | November 25, 2022
Starvation being used as a weapon of war in South Sudan, report reveals
“There’s a real hope that there may be a first-ever prosecution in either the South Sudan hybrid tribunal or an international court for the war crime of starvation, bringing a South Sudanese culprit to the dock,” said De Waal
by Sarah Johnson

BBC | November 3, 2022
Ethiopia civil war: Tigray truce a triumph for PM Abiy Ahmed
Foreign powers have hailed the truce signed by the Ethiopian government and Tigrayan leaders to end the brutal war in the north of the country and open up the flow of aid to those at risk of famine, but questions remain over whether it will succeed.
Alex de Waal





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  • Interview with Armand Coleman of Transformational Prison Project February 2, 2023
    In this 32 minute interview, WPF’s Bridget Conley interviews Armand Coleman, Executive Director of the Transformational Prison Project (TPP). TPP’s mandate is “to provide spaces where those who have been harmed and those who have done the harming can come together and engage in dialogue—to build understanding and empathy toward those who have been [...] […]
    Bridget Conley
  • The Politics and Profit of a Crisis: A Political Marketplace Analysis of the Humanitarian Crisis in Northeast Nigeria February 1, 2023
    by Jared Miller A manmade humanitarian crisis is a tragedy, but for some, it is also a lucrative opportunity. As the crisis deepens prompting massive security and humanitarian spending, along with the increasing cost of rebuilding, for certain individuals, the ensuing crisis economy becomes more lucrative than the peacetime economy. While some benefit, millions suffer. […]
    Jared D. Miller