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  • Corruption in the Indonesian arms business
    WPF has published “Corruption in the Indonesian arms business: tentative steps towards and end to impunity (December 2017)” authored by Xiaodon Liang and Sam Perlo-Freeman.  This paper emerged out of research from our program on Corruption and the Global Arms Trade. From the Introduction: The arms trade is one of the most corrupt legal […]
    Xiaodon L. Liang
  • Sweden’s proposed “Democracy Criterion” for arms exports – Taking the lead in export controls, or new words for old policies?
    This post originally appeared on the Forum on the Arms Trade’s Looking Ahead blog. This month, the Swedish Parliament is expected to vote on a government proposal to strengthen Swedish arms export controls, among other things by adding a “democracy criterion,” that will require a recipient state’s democratic status to be taken into […]
    Samuel Perlo-Freeman

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