Alex de Waal on Famine

Alex de Waal discusses some of the main points from his book, Mass Starvation: The History and Future of Famine (Polity 2018).

Myths of the Global Arms Trade

Vijay Prashad, journalist, historian and director of Tricontinental Institute for Social Research, discusses the flow of weapons from ‘friends’ to ‘enemies’ across today’s war zones. Produced by World Peace Foundation with Corruption Watch, original footage produced for Shadow World.

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  • Is the world safer after June 12th? June 14, 2018
    There are plenty of absurdities one can point to and laugh at, and more one can deride with horror, about the Trump-Kim summit on June 12th. The extraordinary spectacle of Trump going from threatening “fire and fury” and boasting about the size of his nuclear button, to praising “Little Rocket Man” as “very talented”, and […]
    Samuel Perlo-Freeman
  • The Disaster Awaiting Yemen After Al Hudaydah Falls June 14, 2018
    In today’s New York Times, Alex de Waal argues that, famine “leaves behind a bitter legacy, and a long trail of rancor. If mass starvation takes hold in Yemen, expect an even more deeply divided country. Expect radicalization. Expect an exodus across the Arabian Peninsula and up the Red Sea, toward the […]
    Alex DeWaal

In the News

Alex de Waal writes on the unfolding calamity in Yemen in this June 14 New York Times article.



Alex de Waal speaks to NPR on the history, misconceptions and future of famine

Global Arms Trade


PRI's Steven Snyder speaks to Global Arms Trade and Corruption Program Director, Sam Perlo-Freeman on the US connection to the war in Yemen.