Sudan's New War and Prospects for Peace
Sudan: Making Sense of a Senseless War
Alex de Waal analyzes the history, current dynamics, and prospects for peace.
On the Closer of the Walpole Prison
What happens when the oil money dries up?
In fragile states with oil economies, wealth sharing cements political settlements. Will global decarbonization spell conflict and repression in these countries? What can be done to ensure the energy transition brings peace and democracy?
COVID & Prison
Covid Diagnosed The System
The pandemic devastated American prisons. But for many incarcerated people it wasn't the biggest challenge they faced. COVID newly exposed the failures of mass incarceration and underlined the need for real change.
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We are living in a time of new global arms races.
There is almost no public or policy discussion about the implications. Our project aims to change this through policy, research & activism.
Revitalizing Debate on the Global Arms Trade
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New Research


Congratulations to WPF's Executive Director, Alex de Waal on receiving the 2023 Royal Anthropological Institute’s Huxley Award! Read more about the award on our blog.

In the News

THE NEW YORK TIMES | August 14, 2023
The Deluge Facing Africa’s Leaders Is Going to Get Worse
"Africans and Americans alike must face the reality that there are no Africa-only solutions to the layered crises afflicting the Sahel."

Sudan’s next stop: Regional proxy war?
Outside powers are taking sides, supplying weapons, and hoping one general or the other will gain the battlefield advantage.

BBC NEWS | July 13, 2023
Sudan crisis: From Ruto to Sisi, leaders vie to drive peace process
In a clear sign of their seriousness to end the escalating conflict in Sudan, four East African states, led by Kenya, are pushing for the deployment of a regional force to protect civilians and ensure that humanitarian aid reaches millions of people trapped in the war zone.

FINANCIAL TIMES | June 7, 2023
The crisis in Sudan calls for a new model of humanitarian aid
Financial diplomacy can break the military and political deadlock that has brought the country to the brink of collapse
















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