Book Lecture

Eritrean activist, researcher and psychotherapist, Selame Kidane discusses her newest book, "Trauma, Collective Trauma, and Refugee Trajectories in the Digital Era: Development of the Trauma Recovery Understanding Self-Help Therapy (TRUST).

New Publication

In this introductory video, Alex de Waal discusses how he arrived at the title for his latest publication, New Pandemics, Old Politics.

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  • Make the sky safe again: Ending impunity for drone attacks in Tigray January 17, 2022
    By Meron Gebreananaye, Saba Mah’derom, Kiros Teklay and Kisanet Haile Molla The extensive use of military unmanned aerial vehicles (‘armed drones’), for lethal strikes by the Ethiopian government in the Tigray region is fast becoming one of the most devastating but neglected human rights violations in the world. The limited international attention paid [...] The […]
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  • Ending solitary isolation in Massachusetts? January 13, 2022
    WPF announces its new occasional paper, "Ending Solitary Isolation: Is it within reach in Massachusetts?" (January 2022) by Bridget Conley. The post Ending solitary isolation in Massachusetts? appeared first on Reinventing Peace.
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News & Media

Abiy Ahmed photoRESPONSIBLE STATECRAFT | January 19, 2022

Ethiopia needs more than peace talks:
Regardless of what happens in Tigray, without the help of international financial institutions, the foundation of the state will come apart.


image Abiy Ahmed on bannerRESPONSIBLE STATECRAFT | December 23, 2021

How foreign drone intervention and more turned tide for Abiy in Ethiopia:
The Horn of Africa country has joined the vortex of Middle East geopolitics, leaving the Tigrayans vulnerable to a crushing onslaught.

HAARETZ | December 15, 2021

The UAE is running a huge airlift arming an Ethiopian regime committing mass atrocities in Tigray.

Cover of London Review of booksLONDON REVIEW OF BOOKS | December 2, 2021

Lab Leaks

Alex de Waal, "Biological weapons systems are candidates for ‘normal accidents’ "


Women crying holding pictures of loved onesABC SYDNEY | November 4, 2021

Alex de Waal discusses implications of the UN report on Ethiopia in this interview at RN Breakfast with Fran Kelly.


AL JAZEERA | November 4, 2021

Alex de Waal, the executive director of the World Peace Foundation, told Al Jazeera that the US could use economic leverage to speed up the formation of a civilian government.