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  • The meaning and truth of genocide: reflections following the final decision on genocide and Ratko Mladic June 10, 2021
    Photo: Srebrenica Genocide Memorial or Srebrenica–Potočari Memorial. Courtesy of Jelle Visser, July 27, 2017, @ Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0). Millions of dollars, hours, words of testimony, reams of paper, investments in hope and anguish later, it is difficult to say much about the June 8, 2021 decision of the Appeals Court of the [...] The […]
    Bridget Conley
  • US taxpayers are killing Gazans May 21, 2021
    On May 16th, 2021, dozens of Israeli aircrafts were involved in the bombing of what the Israeli air-force described as “homes and offices” of Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza. This included two entire apartment buildings. The total number of people killed in the airstrikes in Al-Wihda street that night was 43; of them, [...] […]
    Sahar Vardi

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BBC NEWS | May 29, 2021

"In popular parlance, genocide is the crime of crimes - the very worst on the books. It evokes a special outrage - campaigners against genocide call for exceptional international responses, including military intervention, to stop it. "

AL JAZEERA | May 27, 2021

Under the banner of national sovereignty, Ethiopia is subverting Africa’s hard-won norms, principles and institutions.


a Tigrayan refugee sits in front of her shelter at Hamdeyat Transition Center, EthiopiaWORLD POLITICS REVIEW | April 6, 2021

Tigray Is Being Deliberately Starved to Death:
Alex de Waal on how starvation is being used as a weapon of war in Ethiopia



FOREIGN POLICY | March 3, 2021

"It’s now clear that Isaias saw the peace deal as a security pact with Ethiopia to eliminate the Tigray People’s Liberation Front’s (TPLF) leadership..."


At terrifying speed, a humanitarian disaster is unfolding in the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia

Photo of Ethiopian army soldiersTHE IRISH TIMES | Februry 15, 2021

'Ireland must speak up for the starving in Tigray'
As the world’s newest humanitarian catastrophe has been unfolding, Tigrayans have been starving in silence.