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A peace process is possible in Ethiopia, but obstacles remain
Alex de Waal

THE CONVERSATION | June 21, 2022
Starving civilians is an ancient military tactic, but today it’s a war crime in Ukraine, Yemen, Tigray and elsewhere
Tom Dannenbaum, Alex de Waal and Daniel Maxwell

20/20 NETWORK | May 17, 2022
The compounding food crisis: Root Causes and Solutions
Panel discussion with Professor Alex de Waal, Executive Director of the World Peace Foundation and Research Professor at the Fletcher School at Tufts University, and Dr. David Laborde, Senior Research Fellow in the Markets, Trade and Institutions Division and the Theme Leader on Macroeconomics and Trade for the International Food Policy Research Institute

Strongmen, coups, corruption drive Horn of Africa to the brink
Alex de Waal

THE GUARDIAN | March 29, 2022
Russia could be guilty of starvation crimes in Ukraine. We must act
Alex de Waal and Catriona Murdoch

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  • How the International Community is Betraying Tigray—and its Principles September 26, 2022
    Annotating the Official Script This blog post is a commentary on a press briefing and three documents that reveal the thinking of key international actors regarding the war against Tigray conducted by the Federal Government of Ethiopia and the State of Eritrea. The four documents are: Press briefing by U.S. Special Envoy Mike Hammer, [...] […]
    Alex DeWaal
  • Days under siege August 29, 2022
    A letter from a young professional living in Tigrai I am writing to share my story with the world as the world seems to be acclimatized to live with our suffering in Tigrai. From time to time I hear the international media struggling to put a positive light on the regime in Addis Ababa following […]
    Birhan Gebrekristos Mezgebu