Myths of the Global Arms Trade

Vijay Prashad, journalist, historian and director of Tricontinental Institute for Social Research, discusses the flow of weapons from ‘friends’ to ‘enemies’ across today’s war zones. Produced by World Peace Foundation with Corruption Watch, original footage produced for Shadow World.

The Arms Trade and the War in Yemen

Sam Perlo-Freeman, Project Manager for the Global Arms Business and Corruption project at the World Peace Foundation, explains who is arming actors in the war in Yemen and what should be done about it.

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  • How can famines be ended? April 19, 2018
    I will then raise an alternative and controversial suggestion – that the road to eliminating mass starvation is to prosecute the people who perpetrate it. This has possibilities and perils. Last, I will propose that ending famine demands the kind of broad-based public campaign that has challenged other great common evils of our time.
    Alex DeWaal
  • Employee of the month: Facebook and Cambridge Analytica April 5, 2018
    They helped give us Trump and Brexit? What more do we need to say? To recap: Facebook collects data on its users. Lots and lots of data. Likes, shares, what we post about, who our friends are, those personal details we choose to share, etc. etc. It uses this data to micro-target […]
    Samuel Perlo-Freeman

In the News


PBS News Hour's Megan Thompson speaks to Alex de Waal on his new book, Mass Famine, and how political and military conflict cause famine.



Alex de Waal speaks to NPR on the history, misconceptions and future of famine

Global Arms Trade


PRI's Steven Snyder speaks to Global Arms Trade and Corruption Program Director, Sam Perlo-Freeman on the US connection to the war in Yemen.

Sam Perlo-Freeman on global arms and corruption as part of the "Report München", First German Television.