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  • No new prisons in Massachusetts July 23, 2021
    The Massachusetts legislature is considering a bill that place a 5-year moratorium on building new prisons in the state. On June 20, 2021, the Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight held a hearing on the proposed legislation, inviting public testimony. I spoke — alongside impressive and often deeply moving testimony from around 50 […]
    Bridget Conley
  • Reflection by concerned Ethiopians to Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Amhara state, and Tigray state July 22, 2021
    Proposal for Negotiated and Durable Ceasefire to Stop the Ongoing War in Northern Ethiopia From Concerned Ethiopians, July 2021 INCEPTION We, the concerned Ethiopians, with many years of public service to our beloved nation, from diverse backgrounds and identities, and with different political leanings, share a common conviction that we must speak out publicly [...] […]
    World Peace Foundation

Featured Video: Starving Tigray

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Al JAZEline of hungry children waiting for foodERA | July 2, 2021

Alex de Waal writes on Abiy’s decision on humanitarian access and a country that could hold together, or a starvation blockade and national disintegration.

Gen Tsadkan Gebretensae blk & white photoBBC NEWS | June 30, 2021

A former army general has found himself at the centre of a rebellion against the Ethiopian government in the mountainous Tigray region, writes Alex de Waal.

children in line for food tigrayTHE TELEGRAPH | June 25, 2021

Alex de Waal argues for a "safe haven" in the skies above a devastated Tigray.

Ethiopians in line to voteNPR | June 22, 2021

Ethiopia's Abiy, A Nobel Winner Tarnished By The Violence In Tigray, Is Facing Voters


Battling the flue pandemic 1918THE BAFFLER | June 21, 2021

The Unwinnable War on Disease: an excerpt from Alex de Waal's new publication "New Pandemics, Old Politics.