What happens when the oil money dries up?
In fragile states with oil economies, wealth sharing cements political settlements. Will global decarbonization spell conflict and repression in these countries? What can be done to ensure the energy transition brings peace and democracy?
Covid Diagnosed The System
The pandemic devastated American prisons. But for many incarcerated people it wasn't the biggest challenge they faced. COVID newly exposed the failures of mass incarceration and underlined the need for real change.
We are living in a time of new global arms races.
There is almost no public or policy discussion about the implications. Our project aims to change this through policy, research & activism.
Revitalizing Debate on the Global Arms Trade
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Symposium: Have US military programs made African countries less safe?
Alex de Waal joins a mix of foreign policy, regional, and security experts  to answer the question, “How do you assess U.S. security/counterterrorism programs in Africa over the last two decades, and what changes would you make to improve relations overall?

THE GUARDIAN | November 25, 2022
Starvation being used as a weapon of war in South Sudan, report reveals
“There’s a real hope that there may be a first-ever prosecution in either the South Sudan hybrid tribunal or an international court for the war crime of starvation, bringing a South Sudanese culprit to the dock,” said De Waal
by Sarah Johnson

BBC | November 3, 2022
Ethiopia civil war: Tigray truce a triumph for PM Abiy Ahmed
Foreign powers have hailed the truce signed by the Ethiopian government and Tigrayan leaders to end the brutal war in the north of the country and open up the flow of aid to those at risk of famine, but questions remain over whether it will succeed.
Alex de Waal





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  • Oil, Guns and Gold: The Violent Politics of Sudan’s Resource Booms March 29, 2023
    This paper explores the consequences of Sudan’s experience with traumatic decarbonization and how this informs thinking on the durability of systems of monetized political governance: political marketplaces. The post Oil, Guns and Gold: The Violent Politics of Sudan’s Resource Booms appeared first on Reinventing Peace.
    Luke Patey
  • Towards strategies for humanitarian action in Tigray March 24, 2023
    Four months after the Permanent Cessation of Hostilities Agreement was signed in Pretoria, serious discussion about how to assist the huge numbers of people in need in Tigray, Ethiopia, and reconstruct the shattered infrastructure and economy of the region is only beginning. On March 16, the College of Law and Governance Studies at Mekelle [...] […]
    Mulugeta Gebrehiwot Berhe