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  • Slippage—how will the dead matter in Ethiopia? February 26, 2021
    Ethiopia’s history includes too many dead from political violence. There are long histories, but even if we start only from the overthrow of the imperial regime in 1974, the lines are traumatic, winding their way through cities strewn with bodies of children killed at night, famine ravaged villages, battlefields in the north, east and west, […]
    Bridget Conley
  • Interview: Michael Cox on solidarity, LGBTQ rights & ending incarceration February 22, 2021
    Michael Cox is the executive director of Black & Pink Massachusetts, and administrator of the Massachusetts Bail Fund. In this interview, he discusses how, after his experience of being incarcerated, he re-directed his focus towards advocacy for and with incarcerated LGBTQ and HIV/AIDs+ people. The post Interview: Michael Cox on solidarity, LGBTQ rights & ending […]
    Bridget Conley

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“They Have Destroyed Tigray, Literally”: Mulugeta Gebrehiwot speaks from the mountains of Tigray

A podcast interview with WPF Senior Fellow Mulugeta Gebrehiwot Berhe in which he speaks with Alex de Waal about the war in Tigray.

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Photo of Ethiopian army soldiersTHE IRISH TIMES | Februry 15, 2021

'Ireland must speak up for the starving in Tigray'
As the world’s newest humanitarian catastrophe has been unfolding, Tigrayans have been starving in silence.

BBC News | February 8, 2021

The challenges of getting assistance to address the deteriorating humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia's Tigray region.

BBC News | January 3, 2021

Alex de Waal on tensions in the disputed area known as al-Fashaga, where the north-west of Ethiopia's Amhara region meets Sudan's breadbasket Gedaref state.

BBC News | November 29, 2020

Ethiopia took the lead in creating Africa's continental organisation, the African Union (AU), but Ethiopia analyst Alex de Waal argues that its actions are now jeopardising the body's founding principles.

THE GUARDIAN | November 24, 2020

"Each day of killing and starvation and every broadcast of divisive rhetoric in Ethiopia’s media make it harder for Ethiopians to climb out of the abyss into which their leaders are plunging them."

FOREIGN POLICY | November 19, 2020

Biden should learn from Carter and head off further conflict while he still can.