What happens when the oil money dries up?
In fragile states with oil economies, wealth sharing cements political settlements. Will global decarbonization spell conflict and repression in these countries? What can be done to ensure the energy transition brings peace and democracy?
Covid Diagnosed The System
The pandemic devastated American prisons. But for many incarcerated people it wasn't the biggest challenge they faced. COVID newly exposed the failures of mass incarceration and underlined the need for real change.
We are living in a time of new global arms races.
There is almost no public or policy discussion about the implications. Our project aims to change this through policy, research & activism.
Revitalizing Debate on the Global Arms Trade
Sudan: Making Sense of a Senseless War
Alex de Waal analyzes the history, current dynamics, and prospects for peace.
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The Revolution No One Wanted: Alex de Waal writes about Sudan
Khartoum reaps the whirlwind: a colonial city confronts its violent legacy

The conflict in Sudan threatens to devolve into a regional maelstrom
Given the number of potential spoilers and intruders, the US and other peace brokers urgently need to bring in the United Nations.

BBC | May 8, 2023
Sudan crisis: Mediators over a barrel in mission to end fighting
With the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, transformed from tranquil city to war zone, Saudi Arabia and the US have called the warring parties to Jeddah to seek agreement on a ceasefire. But as Sudan expert Alex de Waal says, it will just be a short-term, emergency step.

AL JAZEERA | May 6, 2023
Will Ethiopia and Eritrea be dragged into Sudan’s complex war?
“When you get two totally Machiavellian troublemakers in a room, the intricate combination of mischief can only be imagined,” said Alex de Waal, the executive director of the World Peace Foundation and an expert on the Horn of Africa.











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