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  • December 2020 Employee of the Month: Nigeria’s Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) December 2, 2020
    For their history of abuses, continued abuses, and the system of unaccountable violence they represent, the December “Employee of the Month” award goes to the Nigerian Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). A fixture of life in Nigeria since the 1990s, SARS gained international notoriety in October 2020 after a video documenting a SARS officer
    Jared D. Miller
  • Interview with Stacey Borden: on trauma, COVID, and clemency for incarcerated women November 30, 2020
    In this interview, Borden explains her journey from being incarcerated to becoming a community leader. She argues that gaining self-understanding by processing her own trauma was key to transforming her life--and to her the decision to dedicate herself to helping others. The post Interview with Stacey Borden: on trauma, COVID, and clemency for incarcerated women […]
    Bridget Conley

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A domestic turn: Interview with Adrienne Klein on COVID 19 in NYC

Research Director, Bridget Conley speaks with Adrienne Klein, a Fletcher graduate about time she spent working in a makeshift morgue in New York City. 

News & Media

BBC News | November 29, 2020

Ethiopia took the lead in creating Africa's continental organisation, the African Union (AU), but Ethiopia analyst Alex de Waal argues that its actions are now jeopardising the body's founding principles.

THE GUARDIAN | November 24, 2020

"Each day of killing and starvation and every broadcast of divisive rhetoric in Ethiopia’s media make it harder for Ethiopians to climb out of the abyss into which their leaders are plunging them."

FOREIGN POLICY | November 19, 2020

Biden should learn from Carter and head off further conflict while he still can.

BBC NEWS | November 16, 2020

Alex de Waal on Ethiopia's fast approaching war.

BBC News | October 9, 2020

With Sudan in desperate straits the US administration and Israeli government have seen an opportunity.

AL JAZEERA Inside Story | September 1, 2020

Will the latest peace deal in Sudan last?
WPF Executive Director Alex de Waal joins panelists Jamelah Ahmed and Cameron Hudson to discuss the historic peace deal between the transitional government and rebels.

BBC News | April 15, 2020

Many African countries introduced lockdowns to halt the spread of coronavirus. Alex de Waal & Paul Richards argue, ordinary people should be involved in choosing solutions.