Our newly relaunched Compendium of Arms Trade Corruption details 36 cases of corruption in the global arms trade, and the broader military sector, with key information on the buyers, sellers, the weapons sold, the money that changed hands and the shady intermediaries oiling the wheels and greasing the palms.

Alex de Waal on Famine

Alex de Waal discusses some of the main points from his book, Mass Starvation: The History and Future of Famine (Polity 2018).

Myths of the Global Arms Trade

Vijay Prashad, journalist, historian and director of Tricontinental Institute for Social Research, discusses the flow of weapons from ‘friends’ to ‘enemies’ across today’s war zones. Produced by World Peace Foundation with Corruption Watch, original footage produced for Shadow World.

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  • A British Member of Parliament proposes starving Ireland as a negotiating tactic December 9, 2018
    A British Member of Parliament has proposed starving Ireland as a negotiating tactic. If this remark were on the historical record for the 1840s, when the British government administered mass starvation in Ireland, it would join the black book of infamy, evidence for the inhumanity of the British establishment. But last week, Priti Patel, MP […]
    Alex DeWaal
  • Mohammed bin Salman should be prosecuted over the Yemen conflict December 4, 2018
    At the outset of the war, it might have been reasonable to hope that pressure would force the Houthis to submit. Since it takes months to starve people, a brief period of hardship would not have involved a level of suffering disproportionate to the military objective. But, within months of the launch of the war, […]
    Alex DeWaal

News & Media

Alex de Waal details why Saudi Arabia's Mohammed bin Salman should be prosecuted for causing and continuing starvation in Yemen, in December 4, The Guardian.

This devastating article in the New York times describes how Saudi Coalition attacks on Yemen are pushing the country toward famine.

Alex de Waal discusses the logic and benefits of a European-Mediterranean integration in The Guardian.

In the July New Yorker, Alex de Waal, Martha Mundy & Global Rights Compliance group discuss accountability for using food as a weapon in Yemen.


Alex de Waal writes on the unfolding calamity in Yemen in this June 14 New York Times article.



Alex de Waal speaks to NPR on the history, misconceptions and future of famine

Global Arms Trade


PRI's Steven Snyder speaks to Global Arms Trade and Corruption Program Director, Sam Perlo-Freeman on the US connection to the war in Yemen.