Accountability for Mass Starvation

Testing the Limits of the Law

This project is a collaboration between WPF and Global Rights Compliance.

More information is available on the program website:

Our collective determination is to make mass starvation unthinkable. We aim to increase the chances that global leaders in a position to inflict or fail to prevent mass starvation, will act to avoid it. This will happen when the public demands nothing less. Addressing conflict-induced hunger demands an infusion of resources, creative strategic thinking, and energy to create and sustain the political will to end the political and military practices that cause mass starvation.

The Project will work towards operationalising UN Security Council Resolution S/RES/2417 (‘UNSC 2417’), through a concerted focus on the legal and factual, demands raised by mass starvation, especially with regard to the direct impact of armed conflict on food security, ensuring that UNSC 2417 delivers more than rhetoric.