Militarizing Global Health

Despite its impressive logistics, the army makes only a marginal contribution to international disaster relief—and often makes things worse. Nor do soldiers “fight” pathogens—and the language of warfare risks turning infected people and their caretakers into objects of fear and stigma. But, because of America’s politics of public finance, the army is the only tool we have. If civilian health programs were properly funded, they could have prevented the disaster.

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Youth, Conflict and Governance in Africa

A recurrent message throughout the workshop was the disconnect between power and politics and the recognition that African youth are capitalizing on new mechanisms for interaction: the deregulation of communication, associated with cellphones, satellite phones, FM radio, global television, the internet and social media. The conscious use of these media have profoundly altered the political terrain of countries such as Kenya, Mali, Chad, Cameroon, Sudan, South Sudan, Rwanda and South Africa.

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