Relaunch of Compendium of arms trade corruption

The Compendium of Arms Trade Corruption:  Also known as the “dossier of dodgy defense deals”, the Compendium of Arms Trade Corruption has been relaunched December, 2018.

This  database aims to cover, as comprehensively as possible, both domestic and international arms deals, where there have been substantive, well-grounded allegations of corruption. Cases are published on the site as they are completed, and include information on buyers and sellers, the equipment and sums of money involved, and the timeline of corruption allegations, investigations and prosecutions, where these have taken place. The aim of the database is both to highlight the prevalence of corruption in the global arms business, and to illustrate the particular features of the arms business and the political environment in which it operates that facilitates this corruption.  The cases are also displayed on an interactive map, designed by Tufts GIS Data Lab. 

Click above to access details on the 36 cases of corruption in the global arms trade and the broader military sector, with information on the buyers, sellers, weapons sold, the money that changed hands and the shady intermediaries oiling the wheels and greasing the palms.


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