Compendium of Global Arms Trade Corruption

Access a series of posts by World Peace Foundation that detail 23 cases of corruption in the international arms trade and broader military sector. It forms part of WPF’s ongoing program on the Global Arms Trade and Corruption.

The cases are also displayed on an interactive map, designed by Tufts GIS Data Lab.

The global arms business—especially the international arms trade, but also domestic military procurement—is widely seen as one of the areas of legal business that is most subject to corruption. Researcher and former oil industry executive Joe Roeber, in Parallel Markets (2005), estimated that 40% of corruption in international trade was related to the arms trade. This was based on a detailed survey of materials not in the public domain, relating to complaints of corrupt activities in international trade, to which he had access. Andrew Feinstein’s book The Shadow World (2011), and (specifically for the UK) Nick Gilby’s Deception in High Places (2014), are among recent works documenting the ubiquitous corruption that characterizes the arms business.

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