Conflict Research Programme

The Conflict Research Programme (CRP) was an international research consortium hosted by London School of Economics IDEAS (formerly hosted by the LSE International Development Department).  The four year programme was funded by a grant from the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (formerly DFID).

The rationale for the CRP, which launched in 2017, is to apply the framework of the political marketplace to five countries: Syria, Iraq, Somalia, South Sudan and DRC, plus the Horn of Africa/Red Sea region. The was developed by Alex de Waal as Research Director in partnership with LSE. The guiding idea is to investigate empirically how the logic of the political marketplace, and the subsidiary ideas of moral populism and civic politics, functions in each of the locations, and to see how policies to prevent and resolve violent conflict could be designed accordingly.


Starvation in Syria: A Political Marketplace Analysis


By Mohammad Kanfash

Hunger in Sudan’s Political Marketplace

APRIL 2022


By Eddie Thomas and Alex de Waal

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