How the U.S. arms conflict zones: a discussion with Jennifer Erickson

April 1, 2022

“Demystifying France’s narratives
around its arms export policies: a discussion with Emma Soubrier”

Wednesday, April 1, 2022

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Jennifer Erickson, an associate professor of Political Science and International Studies at Boston College, will present insights from her new report, “On the Front Lines: Conflict Zones and US Arms Exports” (World Peace Foundation, March 2022). In the paper, she details US domestic and international arms export controls, and what actually happened in five conflict zones: Libya, Nigeria, South Sudan, Syria, and Yemen

Dr. Erickson is an expert on conventional arms transfers and arms export controls, sanctions and arms embargoes, and new weapons and the laws and norms of war. She is the author of Dangerous Trade: Conventional Arms Exports, Human Rights, and International Reputation (Columbia, 2015).

This report is part of the research program “Defense Industries, Foreign Policy and Armed Conflict” funded in part by the Carnegie Corporation of New York and is carried out in partnership with the OpenSecrets. It asks: why, despite robust regulation mechanisms in key exporting countries and international monitoring efforts, has the global arms trade proven remarkably resistant to effective controls – with direct enabling consequences on conflict situations?

Learn more about “Defense Industries, Foreign Policy and Armed Conflict.

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