Our work aims to chart global drivers of peace and conflict, revealing how emergent trends require us to reimagine policy, scholarship and activism. WPF projects examine the politics of how public health, climate change, the law, economics, and corruption intersect with the possibility for peace and threats of conflict across borders.

Conflict and the Political Marketplace

This program includes several initiatives related to Alex de Waal’s conceptualization of the political marketplace. It explores patronage markets and hybrid political orders, asking how fragile and conflict-ridden countries really  function in fragile and conflict-affected states.

Global Arms and Corruption Program

Focusing on the ways that the global arms business corrupts democratic practices in both selling and purchasing countries, this program includes research and public outreach components.

Closeup of rusty orange oil cans
Traumatic Decarbonization

How will traumatic decarbonization affect peace processes and political settlements in fragile oil-producing states in Africa and the Middle East?

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