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Business as Usual: How major weapons exporters arm the world’s conflicts

This report is part of the WPF research program, Defense industries, Foreign Policies and Armed Conflict, funded in part by the Carnegie Corporation of New York and carried out in partnership with the Center for Responsive Politics. It asks: why, despite robust regulation mechanisms in key exporting countries and international monitoring efforts, has the global arms trade proven remarkably resistant to effective controls – with direct enabling consequences on conflict situations?

Red Flags and Red Diamonds: the warning signs and political drivers of arms trade corruption

This report by Dr. Sam Perlo-Freeman (WPF, CAAT UK) discusses both the ‘red flags’ – the warning signs that help citizens, NGOs, governments, and those companies seeking to avoid corruption to identify and avoid corruption risks – and the ‘Red Diamonds’, the underlying politics and economics of the arms trade that create situations where companies and governments actively choose corruption at a high level.


Red Flag, Nick Page, Flickr 2012 (CC BY 2.0)

Airstrike in Sana’a 11-5-2015, Ibrahem Qasim,Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)