Student Opportunities

WPF Grants for Fletcher Students

The WPF offers two forms of support for students who are enrolled at The Fletcher School: funds for student group initiatives and PhD research supportNote: Students not affiliated with Fletcher will not be considered for these grants.

  • Grants to support student group initiatives is for speaker travel or other expenses related to events. Deadline:  October 12th and February 15th.
  • Grants to support PhD research can be used for travel, research, or writing. Deadline: March 15.

Below are application criteria, deadlines and information about what to include in your proposal. Please send any additional questions to

Grants for Student Group Initiatives

WPF will support funding requests for speaker travel and other expenses for events sponsored by Fletcher School student groups administered through Fletcher or individual student initiatives that are associated with an established Fletcher School center or organization.  This does not including funding for individual student travel for seminars or conferences.

DEADLINES: Applications will be considered in both the Fall and Spring semester.

  • Fall deadline for applications is October 12th, with decisions announced by October 17th.
  • Spring deadline for applications is February 15th, with decisions announced by February 20th.

Please Note:

  • All events must be held within the same fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) in which the application is made. Any event that is delayed beyond the fiscal year will need to re-apply for funds the subsequent year.
  • We highly encourage groups to plan Spring semester programs to take place before April 30th.
  • Funds will be transferred from WPF to an existing Fletcher School account and can only be used for the precise purpose specified in the award. If groups require additional funding to fully support an event, WPF will hold the funds until the student group is ready to move forward.
  • Priority will be placed on events that align with the WPF’s mission and which bring expertise or resources to campus that are not already available.
  • We will NOT pay for speaker honorarium, but will cover: travel, hotel or event catering.

To apply, please include the below information in a single document and send to 

  • Organization Name;
  • Contact Person for Organization and Contact information;
  • Brief information about the organization [one paragraph]: when established, how many members it has, other activities it sponsors, other sources of funding;
  • Name of event;
  • Description of event: including how it will bring resources/insights to Fletcher that are otherwise not available)
  • Date of event (date frame is acceptable if several dates are under consideration, however, simply stating Spring semester, for instance, is not specific enough);
  • Other Sponsors;
  • What you’re asking WPF to support: described both the activity to be funded and the amount required.

PhD Research Support

A fellowship of up to $7000 will be awarded to a doctoral candidate from The Fletcher School. Funds can be used to support travel, research, or writing. Priority will be given to doctoral candidates whose project aligns with the WPF’s mission. Applicants are eligible for funding if they have finished their comprehensive exams and successfully defended their dissertation proposal.

DEADLINE: March 15th, with decision announced by March 30th. 

To apply, please include the below information in a single document and send to 

  • Name;
  • PhD advisor and committee;
  • Title of research project;
  • Short description of research project;
  • Outline of activities that the grant would support, including a budget;
  • Detail any additional financial support applied for or already received.