Videos of Panel One

The Return of Famine?” Conference at Tufts University on May 4, 2018

Why has famine returned? Presentations by Dan Maxwell, Bill Moomaw and Luka Kuol

Dan Maxwell discusses areas of famine watch in 2018, and what factors–notably armed conflict–are driving recent increases in global threats of famine. He also itemizes technical and political challenges to early warning and response.
Bill Moomaw’s presentation takes the long view: drawing on his expertise as an analyst of global climate change, Moomaw points to longer-term trends impacting food and water security.
Luka Kuol concentrates on the Horn of Africa, and points to the role of complex political crises in fomenting conditions that produce famine. He argues that governance trends, including corruption and limited democracy, are factors that consistently increase the fragility of civilian populations.

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