Videos of Panel Three

The Return of Famine?” Conference at Tufts University on May 4, 2018

The Politics and Law of Starvation: introduction by Bridget Conley, presentations by Alex de Waal, Rhoda Howard-Hassmann, and Tom Dannenbaum

Bridget Conley introduces the panelists.
Alex de Waal argues that famine needs to placed within a collective understanding of mass atrocity–as a crime. Famine, he continues, should be rendered morally toxic.
Rhoda Howard-Hassmann analyses what she calls ‘food crimes’ in non-conflict cases. She focuses on Venezuela, discussing specific government policies that have rendered the population food insecure with devastating impacts.
Tom Dannenbaum focuses on international criminal law to draw attention to what legal mechanisms currently exist that might apply to famine, why a famine-specific crime is needed, and why, nonetheless, a bit of caution is warranted.

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