The Methods

The following list shows some of the techniques, which have proven to be effective in the Project’s context:

Citizen Advisory Groups

They are an important way for the Local Government Unit (LGU) to engage citizens in the process of government and to keep in touch with changing public needs between elections.

City Strategic Planning

This is an important tool for communities attempting to achieve community health, including physical, economic and social wellbeing.

Communities Coalition Building

This methodology is necessary when one organization recognizes that by acting alone, it does not have the capability to successfully influence an issue and implement the desired changes

Community Organizing

This method focuses on how citizens should take power into their own hands and organize among themselves in order to implement changes.

Participatory Budgeting and Capital Investment Planning

This method focuses on how active participation of all stakeholders is fundamental to design ing an efficient and practical budget and capital investment plan.

Participatory (Action) Research

Participatory research is a means of putting research capabilities in the hands of people. By utilizing this method, citizens can identify issues themselves as knowing actors through defining their reality, shaping their new identity, naming their history, and transforming their lives.

Public Education

Public education is a firststep method for involving citizens in the life of the community and in creating a participative culture.

Public Hearings

A public hearing can be viewed as a forum where individual citizens, citizens groups and local officials come together to exchange information and opinions about civic issues before action is taken.

Report Cards Report cards utilize survey research methods to uncover citizens’ attitudes toward issues in their communities. They can be used to guide the policy and actions of local officials and NGOs. Social Monitoring Social monitoring is a process that allows the public to follow the implementation of government decisions and policies at the local level, measure their efficiency and adequacy and pro vide feedback.

Resource: World Bank Empowerment Case Studies: People’s Voice Project 

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