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#7 Orwell Response

on English 1 Expository Writing

by Osvaldo Calzada

1 hour, 25 minutes ago

English Language One of the first examples that I found predominantly interesting in Orwell’s Politics and the English Language was his reference to the five rules for writing. In particular, I found rule […]

Orwell and the dangers of the SAT Reading Section

on English 1 Expository Writing

by Noah Cutler

2 hours, 20 minutes ago

Orwell makes a big point of telling the writers to watch their word choice. It is brought up enough that it composes rules 2, 3, and 5 of his six rules to “save” the modern English language. As a freshman in […]

Orwell Response #7

on English 1 Expository Writing

by Adrian Portela

4 hours, 59 minutes ago

George Orwells essay, "Politics and the English language" provides an overview on how the english language is constantly twisted by authors who want people to understand their point of view. Rather than use clear, […]

Western suburbs tour

on The Fletcher School - Admissions News and Updates

by Jessica Daniels

10 hours, 28 minutes ago

In an unusual scheduling fluke, the entire Admissions staff has been in the office for the past two days.  Not for long, though.  Flights will soon be carrying my colleagues to California and to the midwest […]

Great Scholarly Resources (that happen to be Open Access)

on What's New @ HHSL

by Rebecca Morin

11 hours, 53 minutes ago

In our continued celebration of International Open Access Week, I would like to direct your attention to some of my favorite scholarly resources that just so happen to also be Open Access or promote Open […]