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Response #7 Orwell

on English 1 Expository Writing

by Anna Kasagawa

5 hours, 58 minutes ago

George Orwell discusses the change in the purpose of language in his essay, Politics and the English Language. He argues that English has evolved to include bad habits that lead to foolish thoughts. I definitely […]

Response#7 on Orwell's essay

on English 1 Expository Writing

by Roza Ogurlu

9 hours, 4 minutes ago

George Orwell states in his essay that the language has switched from an instrument to clarify ideas to an obstacle to conceal them. Old metaphors such as Achilles’ heel and lack of precision in writing eliminate […]

just for giggles

on Contemporary African Theatre and Performance

by Irina Yakubovskaya

9 hours, 28 minutes ago

I saw this on my friend's facebook page.   I thought we could use an extra reason to smile today.

Orwell Response

on English 1 Expository Writing

by Neil Spazzarini

9 hours, 59 minutes ago

In this shorter essay, George Orwell extends his grief over the death of the English language.  The irony in this is that today, people assume slang and shorter words are killing the English language. […]

Save Mr. Bob

on Tufts STOMP Fellows' Site

by Alison J. Boreiko

11 hours, 30 minutes ago

    Name of Activity Save Mr. Bob Author STOMP Keywords wall, stop, car, sturdy, safe, NXT, EV3, program, sensor, motor, touch Subject LEGO Robotics Grade Level 4 Time 1 Hour Total, 2-3 Hours Total Brief Description Mr. Bob, a terrible driver, needs to have a safe vehicle which stops when it hits wall. The kids made these vehicles sturdy, then added a chair for Mr. Bob with protection around it, and then added a touch sensor to the front the vehicle to stop the car when the sensor is touched. Lesson Objectives: Introduce kids to programming. We also did the "I am a robot" activity before this since it was our first class using computers to program NXTs. Learn how to use sensors and tell the robot what to do after a sensor is triggered. Materials Needed: NXT kits, computers, Lego guy (Mr. Bob) Preparation and Set Up: We borrowed laptops from the Josiah Quincy library and found the ones with NXT programs already downloaded on them. Knowledge Background How to build a sturdy car. Know that trial and error, remaking and breaking, are key parts of the engineering process needed for this activity. Testing the vehicle is important as well. Procedure We first split the room into two and did the "I am a Robot" activity to introduce programming. Then we showed them on a computer how to program a car to go when a touch sensor is pressed on it. Then we split them up into groups of two and allowed them to build off of the sturdy vehicle they had built for Mr. Bob last week. They then attached a sensor to the front, programmed and tested their vehicle out. Extensions: Show them how to connect the sensors to the front of the vehicle since many of the kids had trouble with this. Previous Activity (if applicable) Sturdy vehicle Umbrella Unit/Curriculum (if applicable) Animal robots- moving without wheels