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A Guide to Getting U.S. Foreign Policy Back on Track

on The Fletcher School Dean Stavridis' Blog

by James Stavridis

4 hours, 38 minutes ago

The Trump administration certainly has its work cut out in their quest to create a cohesive, clear foreign policy strategy. Let me set the scene outside of the United States: While personally moderating a key […]

Which Tufts 1+4 Fellow Are You?

on Inside Tufts 1+4

by jcrowe01

7 hours, 34 minutes ago

Wondering which Tufts 1+4 program is the right fit for you? Take our brief online quiz to be matched to a program! Our quiz is fun but may not be perfect in it's matching ability, so be sure to read our program […]

Carbon Fiber Clamping System for the CNC Router

on Bray Laboratory

by Marya Schnedeker

7 hours, 49 minutes ago

At Bray, we use a slotted spoil board with our CNC Router. This enables us to attach clamps to a t-slotted table below: In the past, we have used the Rockler Hold Down Clamps to secure material. However, […]

Op-Ed: What is Massachusetts Waiting For? Tax Airbnb Already!

on Airbnb Tax in Massachusetts

by Stephanie N. Johnson

9 hours, 57 minutes ago

Picture this, empty residential buildings in dense cities like Somerville, Cambridge, and Boston. This could be the Commonwealth’s reality in a few years if the State Legislature does not pass the newly i […]

Econ o'Food potluck 2017 - practicing what we preach

on Economics for Food and Nutrition Policy

by Will Masters

10 hours, 5 minutes ago

Our fifth annual class potluck this week was terrific.  We do love our food! For this year, we were able to schedule the dinner immediately after introducing the idea of optimization in food choice.  The c […]