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Odds and Ends: Theorizing "False News", "Digital Aura", Ong and Hypertext

on FMS40 Introduction to Media Theory

by Todd Holden

2 hours, 27 minutes ago

Driving home from class last night I was replaying our conversations (as I generally do--I hope you all do, to some degree, too!). One conversation centered on the Time-Out on "theory-testing" versus […]

Food and community

on The Fletcher School - Admissions News and Updates

by Jessica Daniels

3 hours, 23 minutes ago

Sorry for my week-long silence!  We're at one of those points in the year when it's hard to make time for creative blogging.  And that makes it a perfect day to highlight two student initiatives, both of which p […]

5 Ways to Make Your Lab More Energy-Efficient

on Sustainability at Tufts

by Aviva D. Kardener

3 hours, 55 minutes ago

This spring semester, 10 Tufts labs are participating in The Freezer Challenge (4 on Boston Campus, 2 Dept. of Engineering, 4 Dept. of Biology) –including the labs of Stuart Levy, Karl Munger, Catherine Fr […]

Library Fun Lab: Mardi Gras Masks, Thu 2/23 and Fri 2/24

on What's New @ HHSL

by Katherine Morley

6 hours, 27 minutes ago

  Next Tuesday, February 28th is Mardi Gras, the culmination of the Carnival season. New Orleans is home to the most famous Mardi Gras festivities in the United States, but it is celebrated in a number of […]

Global Food+ 2017: 24 Speed Talks on the Nexus of Food, Agriculture, Environment, Health, and Society

on Food[at]Tufts

by Leah Cubanski

13 hours, 55 minutes ago

On Friday, February 24th, the Harvard Weatherhead Center for International Affairs will host an event called Global Food+ 2017. At the event, twenty-four Boston scholars will give 7-minute “speed talk” prese […]