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Social Learning Theory and Abuse

on Andie Brent

by Andrea Brent

5 hours, 19 minutes ago This video was on my Facebook newsfeed the other day, and made me really upset. Just as a warning, it has some really strong language that is not safe for work […]

Review questions

on Comp 15 - Data Structures

by Partha Biswas

1 day ago

C++ 1. What do you understand by a declaration, a definition, and an instantiation? 2. What are the four basic member functions of a C++ class that are defined by the compiler by default? 3. What does the […]

Engagement Rings

on Kathy Lu

by Kathy Lu

1 day, 3 hours ago

My boyfriend and I have been talking about when the heck we can get married. In the interests of saving him some money, as he is currently a family-employed college grad with no stable job in sight, I told him it […]


on Kathy Lu

by Kathy Lu

1 day, 4 hours ago

Various social psychology concepts can be applied to the phenomena of racism seen in the world today. As I ponder the sad state of American politics nowadays, I can't help but think about this pervasive racism in […]

Inverted Pendulum

on Bray Laboratory

by Chandler Coble

1 day, 7 hours ago

Video Jul 11, 2 51 33 PM