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An Interview with Dr. Karen Donfried

on Russia and Eurasia Program

by Yelyzaveta May

9 hours, 39 minutes ago

On February 28, 2019, Karen Donfried of the German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) spoke at The Fletcher School on the state of US-European relations in the age of the Trump presidency. This interview was […]

Professor Monica Duffy Toft on How Demographic Shifts Can Rip a Country Apart

on Russia and Eurasia Program

by Yelyzaveta May

9 hours, 45 minutes ago

What happens to a country when its core national identity – its preferred image of itself in terms of race or religion – doesn’t match its demographic reality? Say a Sunni-dominated Arab country is actua […]

Washington Update – April 23, 2019

on School of Engineering Washington Update

by Isaac G Nicholas

10 hours, 38 minutes ago

PREPARED BY LEWIS-BURKE ASSOCIATES LLC View full report: Tufts Washington Update – April 23, 2019 Contents IntroductionAgency Updates and Funding OpportunitiesDepartment of Energy Solicits Proposals f […]

Disorientation Week brings balance to the force

on Admissions Blog

by Daniel Birdsall

11 hours, 11 minutes ago

As we all know, everything in the world has its opposite: every Superman has his Bizarro, Mr. Glass his David Dunn, Pepsi its Crystal Pepsi. Fletcher is no different, and it's around this time each year that […]

CIERP Students Attend the 2019 NEWIEE Gala


by Sara Ruth Rosales

11 hours, 58 minutes ago

IERP students, Mara Menz and Ana Orians attended the Newiee Gala on Wednesday, April 24, 2019. The students were accompanied by Professor of Pratice, Bobbi Kates-Garnick and Fletcher alumnae, Liz Peyton. The […]