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See No Evil: How the United Nations is Blind to the Famine in Tigray

on Reinventing Peace

by Alex DeWaal

1 hour, 41 minutes ago

For three months, international estimates of the number of people facing humanitarian emergency or famine in Tigray have not shifted. On July 2, the UN said that 400,000 people were in […]

09/24/21: _Freud: The Secret Passion_ and The Problem of Self-Analysis

on Notes on Psychoanalysis & Cinema

by Vinay Arun

6 hours, 18 minutes ago

John Huston's 1962 film Freud: The Secret Passion follows a young Sigmund Freud during the prime developmental years of psychoanalysis, and more specifically his provocative theories regarding Oedipal […]

The Trillion-Dollar Fantasy: Linking ESG investing to planetary impact

on Institute for Business in the Global Context

by Joseph Nallen

9 hours, 49 minutes ago

Investors are finally taking environmental, social, and governance investment seriously, but as currently practiced, most ESG investing delivers little to no social or environmental impact, says Fletcher senior […]

Fletcher welcomes EU and State Department Fellows and Diplomat in Residence

on Admissions Blog

by Daniel Birdsall

13 hours, 42 minutes ago

Anyone aspiring to a diplomatic career should take note of several government fellows programs that annually provide Fletcher students access to practicing diplomats. It's an honor and pleasure for our community […]

Getting into the groove

on David Zabner's Tufts Blog

by David Zabner

14 hours, 55 minutes ago

Every single year I get two or three weeks into the school year and have a day where I feel like I will die of the strain. "How do people keep all these balls in the air!", I hear myself screaming in my head. […]