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Weekly Jobs Round-Up!

on MUSEUM STUDIES at Tufts University

by Tegan Kehoe

Here’s our weekly roundup of new jobs. As always, they go up immediately on their own page. Happy hunting!  Exhibition Media Coordinator [National 9/11 Memorial and Museum] Public Programs Coordinator […]

minerva-om Update

on Ozgur Altinok

by Ozgur Altinok

The version(v9r1) used by minerva-om is removed Tried to update it but its 32 bit architecture is very old Need to find a way to install rms om near on other computers.

Dean Stavridis sharing views

on The Fletcher School - Admissions News and Updates

by Jessica Daniels

Last Sunday, while I was doing a bit of cooking, I had good (and informative) company through the airwaves from Dean Stavridis, who was interviewed on NPR about the crisis in Ukraine.  In any week, the dean can be […]

Why I Am an Economist

on Mary Davis - Associate Professor

by Mary Davis

image Because e-quil-i-bri-um is the perfect end to Haiku Because time slows to a discount rate at the asymptote of an hour glass Because I am color blind to shades of gray Because I like to tell bedtime stories to a captive audience Because marginal costs are like shooting stars when it counts Because there are exactly seven colors in a rainbow Because self interest is like a cockroach Because there is always a right question to the wrong answer Because my worry lines give me away Because I approach the limit of creativity but never reach it Because a rational mind needs a pillow Because the market for astronauts is too small Because numbers are like words and functions are like stanzas Because efficiency is the pay dirt of a lazy mind Because a fortune cookie told me to 'be practical' and so did my advisor. By Mary Davis


on Ozgur Altinok

by Ozgur Altinok

University of Minnesota Duluth group updating a pretty old UROC They installed all Minerva and MINOS Software and have some problems with the ValidationTools, GMBrowser and RunVetoHVMonitor Other than these […]