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Gatto Response

on English 1 Expository Writing

by Neil Spazzarini

Before reading through this essay by John Taylor Gatto I had thought of America’s public education system as top notch among first world countries.  Now I am not quite sure, with good reason with Gatto’s to […]

Response #3: Sherman Alexi's "The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me"

on English 1 Expository Writing

by Noah Cutler

        Sherman Alexi brings up many valuable points about the expectation of Native American children to be unintelligent in a “non-Indian world.” Acquirement of knowledge, namely through reading is not […]

Writing Response #3 - "Against School"

on English 1 Expository Writing

by Mary Gusentine

Despite my first impression of “Against School” as a slightly disjointed essay, I did in fact agree with many of the points John Taylor Gatto made. I thought he made a valid point regarding how we should teach our […]

Response to 'Against School'

on English 1 Expository Writing

by Roza Ogurlu

Is modern education really modern, or are we misleading ourselves into believing that it is? According to John Taylor Gatto, the contemporary 12 year education system which is based on Prussian military, is […]

Fighting ISIS Will Take US Troops on the Ground to Aid Iraqi Security Forces

on The Fletcher School Dean Stavridis' Blog

by Catherine Murphy

While traveling in New York this week, I had the opportunity to weigh in on CNN and Bloomberg TV on how to combat ISIS in Iraq and Syria. We're stepping into a war, and it's going to take U.S. troops on the ground […]