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Discount for Tufts Students and Alumni at "To Kill A Mockingbird"in Boston

on MUSEUM STUDIES at Tufts University

by Tegan Kehoe

9 hours, 7 minutes ago

Old South Meeting House, a history museum in downtown Boston (and the workplace of a number of Tufts students and alumni!) is offering a special discount for our upcoming screening of To Kill A Mockingbird. Check […]

Alumnus "Defying Gender Roles"

on The Fletcher School - Admissions News and Updates

by Jessica Daniels

10 hours, 44 minutes ago

A 2012 grad, Sebastián Molano, with whom I've occasionally been in contact over the past two-plus years, recently wrote to tell me about a new project he has started.  I'm going to let him introduce it. In order […]

Oregon State UROC Authorization

on Ozgur Altinok

by Ozgur Altinok

11 hours, 3 minutes ago

Updated User Details Updated mnvdaqrunscripts/ mnvruncontrol/port_assignments.txt Modified .k5login /etc/hosts.allow mnvonline03 was allowing all hosts - […]

You True Sons of Liberty, Who Value Your Lives...

on What's New @ HHSL

by Rebecca Morin

12 hours, 56 minutes ago

...Your estates and your freedom, your children and Wives; A story I'll tell you that's truth now indeed, And when you hear of it your hearts will bleed. The above comes from A Verse Occasioned by the late […]

Touch of Evil

on ~Film Noir~

by Jorge Monroy-Palacio

22 hours, 39 minutes ago

I would describe Orson Welles's <<Touch of Evil>> as rigidly entertaining, and as a Hispanic male I find the plot particularly compelling and to some degree relatable. The transition from <<Kiss Me Deadly>> to […]