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Just how big is the international arms trade? (part 2)

on Reinventing Peace

by Samuel Perlo-Freeman

17 minutes ago

In the first part of this article, I explained why it is difficult to estimate the total annual financial value of the global arms trade. In part 2, I explore in greater detail the challenges associated with […]

Trickster- Severus Snape

on Myth, Ritual and Symbol

by Lauren Dillon

28 minutes ago

(Clip shows how Snape is mean to Harry (but chooses not to kill him); also shows shape-shifting from person to death-eater) Snape does a lot of bad things throughout the chronicles of Harry Potter, in fact, he […]

Week 3: Thoughts on the Primal Scene and the "Dreaming Faculty."

on chervinenglish180

by Matthew H. Chervin

35 minutes ago

I read remarked somewhere that an author I love, Thomas de Quincey, had in his noonautical adventures with opium essentially "discovered" one principle of psychoanalysis, that events in child leave traumautic […]

Life and Death

on English 1: Interface, Interact, Communicate

by Joseph P. Berrafati

38 minutes ago

I really loved how the author depicted Ananke in this book. She acts as both the giver of life and as the harbinger of death to the gods. During her conversation with Baphomet, we learned of a loophole to the rule […]

"Explosive dealings" in the global arms business

on World Peace Foundation

by Bridget Conley

1 hour, 20 minutes ago

"Explosive Dealings" [11:08 minutes], produced by the WPF with Tactical Technology, tells a story from the introduction of Indefensible that demonstrates the potentially lethal impact of corruption in the tra […]