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by Devyn Curley

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 2.48.26 PMCome check out all of the creative and cool projects going on right in Tisch Library! See something you want to make yourself? Come into the space, or send an email to, we're always excited to help Makers get started.

Spaceman Spiff Charm


by Devyn Curley

Looking for a gift idea for someone? 3D printing is an inexpensive, and very creative way to go. As a HUGE fan of Calvin and Hobbes growing up, I became very excited about this 3D print by Brian Goodmon, a Software Engineer at Tufts. spiff_strp

"My project is to make a charm bracelet charm in the shape of Calvin's (of Calvin and Hobbes) imaginary spaceship.  My first attempt has gotten the size and shape about right, but the details that make it recognizable as Calvin's spaceship (headlights and tail fins) wren'trepoduced well at such a small size (16mm diameter: about the size of a dime), so for the next attempt I'll enlarge them.  The design was created using, which is great for sketching up an idea but not so great for really precise work;  I'll probably try to use OpenSCAD instead for the nextattempt.  When I have a design that seems right I plan to send it to to be printed in wax and cast into white gold.  It would be really cool to print it in two parts so that the dome could be clear but that will have to wait until I find a shop that can print in fused silica or synthetic sapphire or something.  Thanks to Nadia, Brian and Marya for all the help!" -Brian 3D spaceman spiff charm
Awesome job, Brian! Check out if you're looking for ideas. Or stop by the Makerspace anytime between 9 and 5 on weekdays! One of the lovely staff members there will surely be able to help you come up with something.

Session proposals for the AAM Conference are now open!

on MUSEUM STUDIES at Tufts University

by Tegan Kehoe

  See for details.  Session Proposal Submission Opens        July 16  Session Proposal Submission Deadline        August 25  Session […]

Cluster History Test

on Ozgur Altinok

by Ozgur Altinok

Test 1: Proton Prong Cluster History Checking Cluster History of a single prong Before: Used After: Used Test 2: Cluster History in Different Stages Got all clusters and checked their history before each stage Example Result: N(Unused) N(Used) Before Reco 41 120 Before Muon 41 120 Before Michel 41 120 Before Proton 41 120 Before Pi0 41 120 After Reco 0 161 Findings Prong Clusters are already USED There are additional clusters which are unused are used in Pi0 Reconstruction In 2 sample Michel Stage also changed cluster History - See full list: NClusters Sheet1

Sustainability Engagement Manager, University of Calgary (Calgary, AB, Canada)

on Tufts Gets Green

by Victoria Manogue

The Office of Sustainability is currently seeking a Full-time Regular Manager, Sustainability Engagement. Reporting to the Chief Sustainability Officer, the Manager of Sustainability Engagement is responsible […]