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on Protest Theatre and Performance After 9/11

by Jesse Rosbrow

1 hour, 39 minutes ago

Totally unrelated to my last post, or to what I'm going to be presenting on in Thursday's class, here's a link to a video recording of the Rude Mechs' "Get Your War On," which was an adaptation of David Rees' webcomic of the same name (don't worry—if you click on the "Watch on Vimeo" button, you'll be able to watch it in a new tab/window): Just in case you need a fun 70-plus-minute break sometime in the next few weeks. :) (As the text below the video says, start watching it at around 6:48—after the first few minutes, the recording stops and then starts over, so if you start there, you'll avoid rewatching the beginning.) To quote the comic, and the show: "Oh yeah! Operation: Enduring Freedom is in the house!" "Oh yeah! Operation: Enduring Our Freedom is in the motherfucking house!" "Yes! Operation: Enduring Our Freedom To Bomb The Living Fuck Out Of You is in the house!!!"

On Stories and Justice

on Protest Theatre and Performance After 9/11

by Jesse Rosbrow

1 hour, 51 minutes ago

In their article "When (super)heroes kill: vigilantism and deathworthiness in Justice League, Red Team, and the Christopher Dorner killing spree" (part of the Thomas Giddens–edited book Graphic Justice: […]

Ignorance is Bliss

on Other Worlds

by Jeremy Shih

5 hours, 3 minutes ago

Ignorance is truly bliss in a convoluted topic such as animal cruelty and I’m also one that perpetrates this ignorance. It is easy to turn a blind eye to topics that makes us “uncomfortable” and thus I applaud […]

The Lobster's Pain

on Other Worlds

by Andrew F. DiMaiti

9 hours ago

Reading Wallace's article made me very uncomfortable in considering the plight of lobsters. While I do not eat any seafood, lobsters are a popular dish during my family's Christmas Eve celebration. I began to […]

Choosing a Relevant Topic

on Other Worlds

by Natalie D. Araya

9 hours, 4 minutes ago

In considering a topic for my final paper, I went through a variety of topics- from the life of a ballet star to the psychology of food porn and even Chilean street art. However, in pondering each of these, I realized that I didn't feel particularly compelled to write on any of these topics. While I am guilty of instagramming plenty of my meals at brunch and while I've travelled to Chile countless times, these topics did not feel personally relevant enough. As I scrolled the Tufts Observer for some inspiration, I came upon a 2012 article by Aaron Langerman titled "It's All Greek To Me." Langerman raises the question of whether or not Tufts is next in joining the NESCAC schools that have banned fraternities and sororities in the past decades. After reading the article which takes into account an variety of Tufts students' perspectives, I felt compelled to write about Greek life on our campus as well as Greek life in general.  Moreover, I was inspired by the "Food Fight" article we read as this article began with a narrow perspective on the concept of "Whole Foods Effect," and then proceeded to take a broader view on the issue of food gentrification. In my own paper, I plan to begin by providing insight on Tufts greek life in order to consider Greek life as a whole. In terms of the stance or argument I wan't to make about Greek life, I am unsure of the approach I want to take, especially since I know how controversial Greek life is in general. I think it could be interesting to speak about the positive aspects of Greek life since it seems that when most people write about Greek life, they tend to focus on all the negatives. I could argue for the sense of community Greek life creates, incorporating an interview with friends from schools bigger than Tufts who have claimed that prior to "going Greek," they really struggled to find people they really connected to. All in all, I am excited to tackle this assignment and discuss Greek life.