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Character: It’s More Complicated than What Meets the Eye

on Iris Levine

by ilevin03

7 hours, 36 minutes ago

In season three of Orange is the New Black, an initially flirtatious relationship between an officer and an inmate soon clearly turns into a case of rape. When the inmate intentionally crashes the van with officer […]

Violence, Media, and the State of the World

on Iris Levine

by ilevin03

7 hours, 44 minutes ago

After a series of startling and traumatic events that received widespread attention in the press, I began to evaluate how the news portrays these events, how I interpret these events, and what social psychology […]

Bad Feelings and Body Language

on Iris Levine

by ilevin03

7 hours, 50 minutes ago

When browsing the news recently, I came across a story highlighting Donald Trump’s reaction to President Obama’s speech given in the wake of the Baton Rouge Police Shooting. Donald trump was quoted saying, “The […]

Bhaskar Chakravorti in The Indian Express - "Brexit: The return of boundaries"

on Institute for Business in the Global Context

by Dan Popko

8 hours, 58 minutes ago

Brexit: The return of boundaries The Brexit vote may not be the last nail in globalisation’s coffin, but it has ensured that the pallbearers have been set on high alert. Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, a […]

Program Interpreter [History San José, San José, CA]

on Museum Studies at Tufts University

by cerric01

10 hours, 51 minutes ago

POSITION DESCRIPTION PROGRAM INTERPRETER About the Position Are you an engaging storyteller with a passion for history? Do you have a thirst for knowledge and a flair for interacting with school […]