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Congratulations to Our New E-Board!

on Tufts Pre-Veterinary Society

by Sean Boyden

19 hours, 42 minutes ago

We have officially elected our new e-board for the spring and fall of 2015! It's been a wonderful year with our board, and good luck to all of our graduating seniors! We are so excited to welcome many new students […]

GENIE: Event Record

on Ozgur Altinok

by Ozgur Altinok

23 hours, 46 minutes ago

I have updated the package to access GENIE Event Record GENIE Event Record gives very detailed information about the neutrino interaction Using Event Record, I am able to do the following things Access particles inside nucleus Saving information for Pi0 Pi0 Mother Pi0 GrandMother Creating a Final State Particle Table to see what is really going on However, I am NOT using GENIE: Event Record to tag my signal. Signal is defined on Final State Particles as out of Nucleus.  

Kinematics Calculations

on Ozgur Altinok

by Ozgur Altinok

23 hours, 47 minutes ago

Event Kinematics Calculations Equations Used Kinematics Calculations Requires: Muon 4-Momentum Proton Kinetic Energy Pi0  Total Energy Two Different Signal Categories Gold: Long Proton Silver1: Short Proton Task: Select Leading Proton Different scenarios for Proton Candidates in the Event No Proton Candidate: Leading Proton = Proton at Rest Single Proton Candidate: Leading Proton Multiple Proton Candidate: Leading Proton = Highest Proton Scored Candidate PROBLEM: In case of 1 or more Proton Candidates We can have a proton candidate with a very low score I think we need a selection for selecting Leading Proton

Reconstruction for Silver1 Events

on Ozgur Altinok

by Ozgur Altinok

23 hours, 52 minutes ago

Previously the reconstruction algorithm was stopping in the following cases: If there are no particle prongs If there are no proton candidates New version have a control mechanism to control […]

Sustainability Internship with VOX Global

on Tufts Gets Green

by Lauren Martin

1 day ago

Sustainability Internship VOX Global offers a paid internship focused on corporate sustainability in our Boston, MA office. The intern will work primarily with our sustainability team, helping clients to build, […]