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A Disappearing Act

on Impact of Self-Driving Cars

by mmorsc01

1 day, 18 hours ago

Not all of the impact on infrastructure resulting from the deployment of self-driving cars will be innovative high-tech replacements of the infrastructure we already rely on. A great deal of the change will l […]

Alien and the Crack in the Symbolic

on Psychoanalysis and Cinema

by lbrown11

1 day, 21 hours ago

An essential feature of the Real (and one subject to a common misconception) is that it only comes into being following the subject's entrance into the symbolic. Rather than predating the symbolic order, it is […]

Week 10: The Lacanian Sublime

on chervinenglish180

by Matthew H. Chervin

1 day, 21 hours ago

I seldom expect any theory of art to apply to the whole of it, for it often seems that particular essays, ideas, or even entire critical modes are formulated in response to a small body of works, or to one genre […]

What About The Fun Parts?

on Autonomous Vehicles EXP 19f

by jstone08

2 days ago

Humans do not like change. People have clinically proven preferences for things that they encounter often. Psychologists explain this with the exposure effect: people tend to develop a preference for things […]

How Green are EVs?

on Hazen's Autonomous Vehicle Blog

by hbreen01

2 days ago

Most autonomous cars are designed with as much fancy new space-age technology as can be packed in to showcase the many advances in comfort, efficiency, and technology.  One feature that has made it to most […]