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The CHE of the EE- Criticism, Hostility, Overemotional Involvement of Expressed Emotion


by Marisol Consuegra

6 hours, 41 minutes ago

Hey you! Welcome to our Emotion Seminar Blog! During the next few weeks, I will be sharing information about expressed emotion in relation to adolescents’, young adults’ and elders’ health. Expressed Emoti […]

Today’s (Affective) Forecast: Thrilled, Feels Like: Content


by Jay Naborn

7 hours, 34 minutes ago

Today’s (Affective) Forecast: Thrilled, Feels Like: Pleased How happy will you be if your favorite sports team wins the championship? How bummed will you be if you don’t get that promotion? How stressed wil […]

Professor Monica Toft at the Asian Forum for Global Governance

on Center for Strategic Studies

by Anna Ronell

12 hours, 51 minutes ago

This past January, Professor Monica Toft participated as an invited speaker at the Asian Forum on Global Governance (AFGG), “Managing Disruptive Transition: Ideas, Institutions & Idioms.” AFGG provides an ins […]

Approaching the World Strategically -- Monica Duffy Toft brings an expertise in international politics to a new Fletcher center

on Center for Strategic Studies

by Anna Ronell

14 hours, 50 minutes ago

By Christine Cupaiuolo Growing up on Long Island, Monica Duffy Toft—professor of international politics and director of Fletcher’s new Center for Strategic Studies—developed an early interest in the Sovie […]

Around the World in Five Media Moments: From China to Germany to Mexico…And Lots of Places in Between

on The Fletcher School Dean Stavridis' Blog

by James Stavridis

14 hours, 53 minutes ago

Here at Fletcher we have a saying that goes something like “To circle the globe, you’d have to travel nearly 25,000 miles. Or spend a day at Fletcher.” Well, to be honest, it feels as though I’ve been doing a […]