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A Reaction to Disappointment

on Jamie Hattler

by jhattl01

9 hours, 21 minutes ago

Recently, my friendĀ found out that she didn't make the mock trial team and was very disappointed. She had extensive experience with mock trial in high school and felt her audition went well, so she very much […]

Call for Guest Post Submissions...And Feedback!

on Museum Studies at Tufts University

by cerric01

10 hours, 35 minutes ago

Hi everyone! First off, if you haven't subscribed to our weekly newsletter, subscribe here! Our first newsletter went out last Sunday, so subscribe now so you don't miss the next one! While this time of year […]

Week 3: Construed Realities

on Andrew Barber

by abarbe02

13 hours, 13 minutes ago

Week 3: Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

on Andrew Barber

by abarbe02

13 hours, 14 minutes ago

Week 3: Reciprocity

on Andrew Barber

by abarbe02

13 hours, 15 minutes ago