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Why I Am an Economist

on Mary Davis - Associate Professor

by Mary Davis

image Because e-quil-i-bri-um is the perfect end to Haiku Because time slows to a discount rate at the asymptote of an hour glass Because I am color blind to shades of gray Because I like to tell bedtime stories to a captive audience Because marginal costs are like shooting stars when it counts Because there are exactly seven colors in a rainbow Because self interest is like a cockroach Because there is always a right question to the wrong answer Because my worry lines give me away Because I approach the limit of creativity but never reach it Because a rational mind needs a pillow Because the market for astronauts is too small Because numbers are like words and functions are like stanzas Because efficiency is the pay dirt of a lazy mind Because a fortune cookie told me to 'be practical' and so did my advisor. By Mary Davis


on Ozgur Altinok

by Ozgur Altinok

University of Minnesota Duluth group updating a pretty old UROC They installed all Minerva and MINOS Software and have some problems with the ValidationTools, GMBrowser and RunVetoHVMonitor Other than these […]

Younger Fletcher visitors

on The Fletcher School - Admissions News and Updates

by Jessica Daniels

This is a midweek version of one of my "what I did on my weekend" posts. I was at Fletcher through the early evening last night, attending a farewell event for 11 high school students and one accompanying […]

A Quick Look Back on the Year

on What's New @ HHSL

by Thomas Quinn

ThumbnailNow that we are approaching the end of summer and creeping closer to the fall start of all of our various programs here on the Boston Campus, we here at Hirsh thought it could be a bit enlightening to take a quick […]

Program Specialist, Western Washington University (Bellingham, Washington)

on Tufts Gets Green

by Victoria Manogue

The Office of Sustainability is looking for a creative, energetic member to join their team as the Program Specialist for the Green Energy Fee (GEF) Grant Program at Western Washington University. This unique […]