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Applying Social Impact Theory to Tufts' Greek Life

on Attempting To Overcome The Fundamental Attribution Error

by Jason Rathman

3 hours, 3 minutes ago

In class, one of the questions that we addressed was, “Do we always conform?” The answer was an intuitive and clear “no,” however how much we conform depends on the individual and the situation/social environ […]

Week of 10/26: Attitudes

on Samantha Berg

by Samantha Berg

4 hours, 13 minutes ago

Part of our discussion about attitudes this week was very relevant to the current presidential election.  Under the topic Message Source, credibility and likability are important in validating a message sour […]


on Jackiel, Rothschild

by jroths05

7 hours, 4 minutes ago

The fashion industry tries to sell more than just a product, they sell a lifestyle and aesthetic.  Sometimes people hold a certain attitude towards a brand that the label would like to change, and by using […]

Just Do It - Blog Post #6

on Erica Massaro

by emassa02

7 hours, 10 minutes ago

This Nike advertisement attempts to use more of the central route to persuasion. Although this ad does use eye-catching imagery and an attention-grabbing hook, I would argue that it would not be as successful […]

Ken Bone and the Self-Awareness Theory

on Robert Lovitch's Social Psychology Blog

by rlovit01

12 hours, 15 minutes ago

The other day in class we learned about the self-awareness theory, which is when a person thinks about himself and, as a result, puts his behaviors into perspective to see if they align with his values. The idea […]