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With the Arrival of Spring, a Look at 'Glocal' Energy Issues

on The Fletcher School Dean Stavridis' Blog

by James Stavridis

1 hour, 47 minutes ago

Lo’ and behold! Spring looks like it may finally, perhaps just maybe, be stepping out of the winter shadows to bestow us with blue(r) skies, blooming trees, and a bit of sunshine! It’s been a long winter her […]

Fresh Faculty Facts Friday

on The Fletcher School - Admissions News and Updates

by Jessica Daniels

2 hours, 34 minutes ago

Continuing with this year's new faculty feature, let's read about the most recent research and professional activities of Fletcher's professors. Dyan Mazurana, Associate Research Professor, Research Director at […]

HostelWorld's Approachable UI and UX

on Human Factors in Website interfaces

by Kate Clawson

4 hours, 14 minutes ago

HostelWorld is a website search-engine that finds lists hostels worldwide. It is approachable, easy to use, and secure. The home screen opens to a background photo with a search bar over it, with the text, […]

What Does the Sackler Name Mean to You?

on Sackler Insight

by Nafis Hasan

5 hours ago

Guest Post by Andrea Koenigsberg (Micro) My favorite t-shirt is heather-grey and reads “SACKLER” across the front. It’s not just my favorite because it’s objectively the softest, but because it’s one of the to […]

Packaging in Daily Life

on Human Factors

by Shiyu Wang

16 hours, 20 minutes ago

Packaging is very important in people's daily life, as most of the products come with an under wrap. Good packaging might not be noticeable, but bad ones can drive people crazy from time to time. Years ago, […]