Welcome to the official blog of Active Minds @ Tufts!  This blog is a huge experimental undertaking that we’re hoping will represent a modern spin on the concept of “changing the conversation about mental health.”  We’re looking to normalize this topic and make it tangible to the Tufts community at large.  Through anecdotes, thoughts, daydreams, fantasies, prose, poetry, music, film, photos, or just about any other digitally compatible media, we hope to capture the attention of our peers.

Admittedly, the premise of mental health is overwhelming and seemingly distant from the average student.  But we hope that, through our musings on this blog, our fellow Jumbos will come to see the impact of mental health and its power to permeate every facet of our lives.

We hope this blog enables the Tufts community to better understand mental health and its significance.  So please, enjoy what we have to show you.  And, if you like it, let your friends know – let’s not just change the conversation about mental health, but keep it moving throughout our community!

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