Sep 26 2013


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Service is an important component of being a librarian at Tufts University, and may include involvement in both professional and university related activities.


Library Service activities:

  1. Presented with Alicia Morris at the annual NETSL Fall Conference, “Navigating the New Normal”, Oct. 2-3, 2011.  (You can read about the conference, and our presentation here.)
  2. Hosted a poster session: “From Backroom to Classroom: How Metadata Units Can Become Partners With Faculty and Students.”  ACRL-NEC Conference, Worcester, MA. May 2012
  3. Presented with Alicia Morris and Dana Elder at Metadata Day: 2012 Professional Service Day for Science Librarians
  4. Member of the Metadata Working Group for GIS metadata, an emerging working group attempting to establish standards and policies for GIS metadata creation between Harvard, Tufts, MIT and Stanford.
  5. Member and team lead (2012) of the Discovery Platform Team
  6. Member of the Data Assessment Team (2012-)
  7. Member of the Metadata Management Team (2013-)
  8. Member of the Digital Asset Management Team, Collections (2013-)


University Service activities:

  1. Student Advisor (2013-)
  2. Presenter, along with Marie Claire Beaulieu, Associate Professor of Latin and Bridget Almas, Senior Programer, at the 2014 CAMWS annual meeting

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