Art in April is the beginning of what will hopefully become an annual art show curated by students in the Dual Degree Program between Tufts and SMFA. This year, two themes will be presented in the art show: Dual Identity and Nostalgia.

The emotion of nostalgia is complex and nuanced, the very embodiment of something bittersweet. It reminds of us of the good times but leaves us with a slight pang of loss at what we can no longer get back. Are memories better left in the past, or should they be remembered with warmth? Not only is this a feeling familiar to us all, but the kind of tension that nostalgia creates is one that artists can deeply appreciate. How do we resolve this conflict?

As individuals we always experience the tension between the desire to claim our individuality and the search to belong to something greater than ourselves. Sometimes we feel that the outside world is distanced from ourselves; sometimes even the notion “self” seems alien. Perhaps, the clashing between our outer behavior and inner beliefs is a fundamental strain embedded in our nature as we explore the outside world as well as the inner qualities we value. How do artists embrace this tension? What happens when an individual’s process of seeking the balance between the outer and inner worlds is through art?

Both topics are very open-ended, and we are really excited to see your art. If you want to present your art, SUBMIT YOUR WORK BY MARCH 21st!


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