Executive Board

2013-2014 Executive Board

Team Captains:


Danielle Craan

Class: 2016
Email: Danielle.Craan@tufts.edu
Majors: International Relations and Political Science

I joined ballroom because it was something that I had always wanted to do and I finally had someone to do it with. My favorite dances are Quickstep, Jive/Swing, Samba, well pretty much all of them. I’m looking forward to being captain, organizing events, and just being a sophomore in general.


Paula Kates

Class: 2016
Email: Paula.Kates@tufts.edu
Major: International Relations

My name is Paula Kates, and I am part of the endless stream of International Relations majors wandering around campus. I started ballroom dancing at the beginning of 8th grade after seeing the movie Take the Lead; because after seeing Antonio Banderas tango, who wouldn’t want to give it a shot? Needless to say, I fell in love with it, and am thrilled to be part of the Tufts Competitive Ballroom Dance Team. My favorite dance is the International Foxtrot, though at the moment I am only competing in the latin and rhythm style dances. The best part of Tufts ballroom is definitely the team; I’ve made great friends through our trials and tribulations, and look forward to making more in the coming year.

SkyeSkye Lewis

Class: 2016
Email: Skye.Lewis@tufts.edu
Major: Cognitive and Brain Sciences

Dance has always been a big part of my life, mostly in the form of classical ballet. I decided before I came to Tufts that ballroom would be a novel and fun way to maintain dance as a consistent factor in my day-to-day. I joined the team last year as a freshman and had a blast learning dances and attending competitions! This year I’m excited to help lead the team as one of the 2013-2014 captains. I relish a good rumba, a dance driven by emotional and physical tension.

Club Captains:


Priyanka Dharampuriya

Class: 2015
Email: Priyanka.Dharampuriya@tufts.edu
Majors: Biology and English

I’ve been dancing Indian styles since I was very young, and joined Ballroom on a whim this year with my friends. Long story short, they left and I stayed, and I couldn’t be happier.  I’ve learned so much from just one year on the team. Off the dance floor, I do research in Biology labs, am involved in Hindu Students’ Council, and write plays, poetry, and short fiction.

AmandaAmanda Hutter

Class: 2016
Email: Amanda.Hutter@tufts.edu
Major: Mathematics

I always wanted to try ballroom dancing, and Tufts makes it so easy to try it out! My freshman roommate and I joined the team with a smorgasbord of friends and it’s been a great decision. Also, the dresses are pretty nifty. My favorite dances are American Tango, Foxtrot, and Quickstep. I love the adrenaline rush I get from dancing a lot, whether it be from a competition setting or social dancing. Ballroom is also a good conversation starter and connective link to a surprising amount of people!

Competition Coordinators:

CarolineCaroline Moy

Class: 2015
Email: Caroline.Moy@tufts.edu
Major: International Relations

Hi! I joined Ballroom because I dabbled with it in high school, and wanted to get serious about it in college. I really enjoy both the competitive spirit of ballroom, and the sense of family the Ballroom Dance team has. My favorite dances are the Foxtrot and International Rumba.


Alexandria Northrup

Class: 2016
Email: Alexandria.Northrup@tufts.edu
Major: Chemical Engineering

I joined ballroom for something new to do and fell in love with it. I have no favorite dance, I like them all. My favorite part of ballroom is the community and the people I meet.



Daniel Heller

Daniel Heller

Class: 2015
Email: Daniel.Heller@tufts.edu
Major: Biochemistry

I started dancing ballroom in high school, but became more serious about it when I came to Tufts. Last year, I served as the Team’s Captain while continuing to compete with my partner. This year, we will be dancing Gold Latin, Rhythm, and Smooth. I look forward to helping manage the team’s finances and be part of another amazing year of dancing.

Social Coordinator:

Anne-MarieAnne-Marie Vu

Class: 2015
Email: Anne.Vu@tufts.edu
Major: Biology

I started dancing when I was little because my mom thought my younger chubby self needed exercise. This small concern turned into a hobby, and then a passion. I love dance and am so excited to be social coordinator this year for the team! Fun fact: my favorite dancing style is International Latin, a.k.a. Paso Doble, Rumba, and Samba.


IMG_2442-LMax Greenhouse

Class: 2016
Email: Max.Greenhouse@tufts.edu
Major: Drama
Minors: Film Studies and English

I never in a million years thought I would join Ballroom. But after seeing an incredible Orientation Show, I was hooked! My favorite dances are Samba, Paso Doble, and Waltz; but I really like them all. I always look forward to hanging out with my fellow teammates both on and off the dance floor!

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