Friday, 22 of August of 2014

About BMES

Tufts Biomedical Engineering Society is a preprofessional society meant to provide opportunities for all students interested in biomedical engineering to become acquainted with their peers and upperclassmen, with professors and the research going on in the department, and with the biomedical engineering industry as a whole.

We hope to serve as a resource for students currently or hoping to be involved in research  at Tufts, and to help pair students with internship opportunities  at companies in the Boston area. We also aim to educate the general population about biomedical engineering through community and high school outreach efforts.

Membership is not limited to BME majors: Students in other science and engineering disciplines are welcome to join if they are interested in biomedical engineering.

From left to right:  Yuki Ito, Kathleen Li, Sharada Sant, Heather McSherry, Nick Bayhi, Emily Eickhoff, Ava Sanayei, Will Wong Missing: Jaclyn Foisy

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