Frequently Asked Questions

Who is on the CEE Graduate Program Student Advisory Council (GPSAC)?

Tania Alarcon, Annalise Blum, Kyle Monahan and Sohom Ray

What does the CEE GPSAC do?

The graduate program committee (GPC) is a group of faculty in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering charged with providing the department with direction on all matters of concern relating to CEE graduate programs.  To improve the graduate student experience and to enhance the effectiveness of the GPC, a graduate program student advisory committee (GPSAC)  should have representation from all technical areas within the CEE department.  Members of the committee will be selected annually, during the fall semester, by the GPC based on nominations and self-nominations from the graduate student body and CEE faculty.  Members will serve a term of one year, after which they are eligible for reappointment.  The GPC will meet with this group each semester to garner feedback and suggestions.  The role of the GPSAC will be to assist the GPC in improving the overall graduate student experience through: (1) an evaluation of  the graduate student experience in CEE, (2) acting as liaison between CEE faculty and students, (3) organizing department wide graduate student social events, and (4) developing and nurturing a sense of community among graduate students in CEE.

For more information, please see the Tufts CEE website: