Several students have approached the Friedman School administration about the closing of the Jaharis Cafe and the general lack of healthier food and beverage options on campus. As the Friedman School is part of a community of graduate programs devoted to nutrition and health, many feel it’s important that we walk the talk and improve the food environment in our learning and work place. But bringing healthier food and drink options to campus will be easier if we speak as a collective voice. This survey is an opportunity for the student body to do just that.

The attached survey contains all available food options that Tufts could contract to fill the two vending machines in Jaharis Cafe (excludes the larger, more recent vending machine). Please take a few minutes to select your preferred options for each category. Results from the survey will be shared with administration and Tufts Dining Services, both of which are ready and willing to work with students to better meet our needs.

Please note: This survey is the first step in a larger initiative to address the availability of healthier food and drinks at the Friedman School and Tufts School of Medicine.

Click here to access the survey!

Thanks for your time and for sharing your voice.