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Character List



(In order of screen time)


Ethnicity: African American or Working Class Irish. Preferably on the taller side. From the Dorchester section of Boston. Charismatic. A street poet of sorts. He suffers from depression and hallucinations.


Ethnicity open. Look open. A high functioning autistic who’s been misdiagnosed her whole life. A singer with great potential. After bullying led to violent response, Donna regressed into a childlike state.


Ethnicity open. Look open. A former high-school valedictorian from a suburb west of Boston, and now an Angel Dust addict with sociopathic tendencies.


Ethnicity open. Thin. The victim of profound sexual abuse, Annie exhibits borderline schizophrenic symptoms, swinging between zombielike and aggressively extroverted behavior.


Ethnicity open. Young looking, clean shaven. Brought up by his oldest brother to whom he is obsessively attached . . . and estranged. An amphetamine addict, bi-polar, and has attempted suicide four times.


Ethnicity open. Needs to be small and wiry. Longish hair and maybe a beard. Richie is a Vietnam veteran and a heroin addict. He is street smart and tough.