Immergo, August 2010

Immergo: A Workshop for Dynamic Variorum Editions

A workshop for the Dynamic Variorum Editions project was held August 4-7, 2010 at Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada.

Original Annoucement


This workshop highlights the ongoing progress of the DVE project and looks ahead to the ramifications of its work. Its invited participants, leading scholars in the digitization of the Classics and in the application of text-mining, will conduct presentations and discussions regarding:

  • Progress in the data-mining and digitization of Latin texts for the DVE
  • Standard means of addressing, storing and accessing this material
  • The implications of this work for computational linguistics and ongoing efforts in treebanking
  • Applications in further text-mining
  • Visualizations of digitized Latin and its application in online Classical scholarship


Funding for this event is provided through the Digging Into Data Challenge, supported by the following national agencies: NEH, JISC, and SSHRC/CRSHC.


Mount Allison University is one of Canada’s premiere small undergraduate institutions, located in the town of Sackville, New Brunswick at the heart of the Maritime provinces. Situated in the Tantramar region near the Bay of Fundy, Sackville provides clement summer weather amid a pastoral setting. Accommodations will be provided in the recently-renovated Campbell Hall university residences which adjoin the town’s waterfowl park. Breakfasts and lunches will be served in the adjoining Jennings meal-hall; dinners will be provided in nearby restaurants.

Excursions to sites of natural interest are planned, including a trip to visit the Hopewell Rocks.

Travel Instructions

Sackville is located in the South-East corner of New Brunswick, close to the border with Nova Scotia. It is a 3.5h drive along the forested, twinned trans-Canada highway from Calais, Maine, the closest US city. The nearest airport is Moncton International (YQM), a 1/2h drive away. We will be happy to provide a car to pick you up at the airport, since taxi transportation on the highway is very expensive.


You will find here a Google map of places for the Workshop. Parking is at the end of Rectory Lane. The residence quadrangle, comprising both the meal hall and the Campbell Hall rooms, is up a flight of stairs from there.

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