Dynamic Variorum Editions began life as a project in the first Digging into Data Challenge.

You can read the original project description and look at our results here.

Since then, we’ve continued working both as a group and individually on DVE technology.

Bruce Robertson and Federico Boschetti have been working on the scalable polytonic Greek OCR that is at the heart of the DVE program.

Gregory Crane has developed his ideas for an index of Greco-Roman culture further in the Open Philology Project at the University of Leipzig, where he held a von Humboldt professorship. With Bridget Almas, he has also further developed the idea of community editing at the Perseus Project with the Perseids editing environment.

Brian Fuchs and John Darlington have developed the scalable infrastructure further in the libhpc project and are now applying it in a Citizen Science project called Citizen Cyberlab with CERN and the CRI.

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