Enrico Spolaore

Professor of Economics

Department of Economics

Tufts University

Medford, MA 02155, USA


Enrico Spolaore is a Professor of Economics at Tufts and a Research Associate with the NBER. His main research interests are in political economy, growth and development, and international economics.

Short Bio


Recent Papers


What is European Integration Really About? A Political Guide for Economists, Journal of Economic Perspectives, Summer 2013

How Deep Are the Roots of Economic Development? with Romain Wacziarg, Journal of Economic Literature, June 2013

Long-Term Barriers to Economic Development with Romain Wacziarg, prepared for the Handbook of Economic Growth, vol. 3 (edited by P. Aghion and S. Durlauf, North Holland – Elsevier)

Long-Term Barriers to Growth with Romain Wacziarg, Vox, October 3, 2013


Genetic Distance Data - if you use them, please cite E. Spolaore and R. Wacziarg, The Diffusion of Development, Quarterly Journal of Economics, 124 (2), 469-592, May 2009




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