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Internship-Cone Communications

by Ann Greaney-Williams on January 23, 2013

Cone Communications offers a comprehensive Internship Program to qualified students who seek hands-on experience in the Public Relations and Marketing Communications field.  We offer our Internship Program each semester on a year-round basis (Spring, Summer and Fall).

An Internship with us promises integration on teams and participation in real PR/Marcom work scenarios. Every Intern is paired with an Intern Mentor to guide and shape your experience. And, Cone Communications offers highly relevant, instructional workshops to augment your learning experience.

This is an unpaid internship for school credit only and we require two full days of participation per week.

We offer internship opportunities in the following areas*:

  • Brand Communications
  • Social Impact
  • Sustainable Business Practices
  • Crisis & Issues Management
  • Research & Insights
  • Business Development
  • New Media
  • Creative
  • Human Resources

We seek intern candidates who echo Cone’s core values of Passion, Integrity, Teamwork, Intellectual Curiosity and Commitment to Excellence in everything they do. Previous internship experience in PR, marketing and communications is desired as well as an academic focus in a relevant field of study.

Applications for Spring 2013 are being accepted and will be considered starting in mid-late November.

*Having trouble deciding what type of internship would best suit you?

Are you curious about how brands operate and how they try to reach consumers? Are you interested in pitching the media and observing how reporter/blogger relationships work? Are you an active social media user?  Do you keep up with the news and popular blogs?  Do you consider your writing a strength?  Brand Communications might be for you.

Do you have a passion for philanthropy and an understanding of non-profits and social issues? A desire to work on detailed research projects and media scans? If you’re looking for a rewarding experience in marketing, Social Impact might be for you.

Are you concerned about today’s most pressing issues (e.g., climate change, human rights, clean water)? Are you curious about how companies communicate their sustainability initiatives to differentiate themselves from their competitors or to motivate their employees? Are you interested in how some companies are able to do well by doing good?  Sustainable Business Practices might be for you.

Do you work best under pressure? Enjoy fast-paced research? Like to follow news coverage on crises like the BP oil spill? An internship in Crisis & Issues Management may be for you.

Does market research and consumer behavior fascinate you? Are you interested in learning more about Cause Branding and Corporate Responsibility? Want to keep a pulse on current business trends and help shape the future? Perhaps an internship inResearch & Insights is for you.

Do you enjoy learning about brands, companies and industries?  Do you like helping to develop marketing communications plans? Having trouble choosing which Cone discipline would be right for you? How about a taste of all of them by interning on theBusiness Development team?

You’re right for Cone’s New Media team if you are energized by the intersection of technology and marketing.  You have strong marketing/communication skills and see the value that New Media brings to this industry. You tweet, post, checkin, tag, upload and dream about what makes something “viral” – and you want to learn firsthand how online technology, social and data metrics are applied to campaigns for big brands.
Are you on your way to a Degree in Graphic Design but need some meat in your portfolio? Is your knack for visual storytelling backed by solid comfort levels in Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Powerpoint? Perhaps an internship with the Cone Creative Team is the answer!

Curious about how successful companies retain talented people?  Do you want to learn about recruitment strategies and how to conduct interviews?  Do you have a strong commitment to ethics and a knack for recognizing a person’s potential?  Consider joining the Human Resources team for an internship.
We hope you will consider Cone Communications as the best agency to gain a fully integrated, embedded internship experience. And, one that will provide you will practical experience you will be proud of!

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