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Grad-Level Coastal Zone Management Internship

by Savannah Dix on May 28, 2013

Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management (MA CZM) is seeking a graduate-level intern to assist with the upcoming Rapid Assessment Survey (RAS) for marine invasive species and to support efforts of the Aquatic Invasive Species Program: http://www/

The MIS Intern will:
• Provide logistical support prior to, during, and after the 2013 Rapid Assessment Survey (RAS) for marine invasive species.
• Collect and compile species and water quality data records from the 2013 RAS into a master spreadsheet.
• Collect ancillary data on site locations, descriptions, species, life histories, and other background information for the 2013 RAS written report.
• Use ancillary data on site locations, descriptions, species, life histories, other background information, and species lists for each site to create a draft of the 2013 RAS written report.
• Provide logistical support on other Aquatic Invasive Species Program tasks as necessary

This position is located primarily in Boston with some fieldwork/travel (average 15 hours a week, with one full time week in August during the survey). Anticipated start date of internternship is July 7, 2013 with an end date January 4, 2014. Experience with fieldwork and knowledge of the marine species of the northwest Atlantic is preferred, applicants must be currently enrolled in a degree program or be recent graduates.

Compensation: $13-$16 /hr commesurate with experience

Preferred Qualifications:

1. Computing experience, including familiarly with MS Office applications.
2. Ability to work outside in inclement weather and rough terrain, during irregular hours at times.
3. Familiarity with field work and marine species of the North Atlantic.
4. Technical writing experience.
5. Must have valid driver’s license and reliable transportation.

To learn more about MA Coastal Zone Management go to and click on the MA Coastal Zone Management link.

To Apply: Visit human resources division and create a profile.  The posting ID for this position is J35877.  Application deadline: 6/5/13

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