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Billi Bromer, Class of ’72

When I graduated from college in 1970 with a B.A. in Psychology, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my degree.  I just knew I was interested in learning more about children.  That fall, I headed to Tufts … Continue reading

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Beryl Soparkar — Class of 1967

I had always loved babies and little children, even when I was one, myself. In college, I started out specializing in English Literature and Physics, which I loved, but then I found myself excelling at and majoring in Philosophy. After … Continue reading

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Dorene Lees Lengyel – Class of 57

I enthusiastically entered as a freshman in the fall of 1954. I believe my tuition was $350 per semester. It increased some over the next years, but I was able to pay for my entire 4 years by waitressing in … Continue reading

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Miriam Lasher Class of 1956

Miriam Lasher: Notes from a Talk at the E-P Alumni Dinner: In the early 1950’s I was an undergraduate Pomona College in southern California. I was a psychology major interested in children and had completed the only course then offered … Continue reading

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Liz Hawthorne – Class of 1965

Liz Hawthorne (class of 1965) In 1963 I was president of my class (class of 1965) and lived in Tilton Hall (it was really new then, but I stray).  I don’t recall if it had been customary, but I believe … Continue reading

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