Introducing the New FWN Steering Committee!

The FWN Steering Committee recently voted on and accepted the slate for the leadership of FWN for 2017-19.   The new officers and steering committee members are as follows. Those with an * also served from 2015-17.

Executive Committee Officers 

  • *Kari Sides Suva, FWN Co-Chair, F11 (Maine)
  • Mariana Stoyancheva, FWN Co-Chair, F05 (Boston)
  • *Tori Okner, FWN Vice-Chair, F14 (Bonn)
  • Yvonne Durbin, Treasurer, F15 (Kigali)
  • Communications Co-Chairs: Mollie Pepper F13 (Seattle) and Sarah Clark F12 (LA)
  • Local Groups Co-Chairs: Corey Barr F10 (Boston) and Tallash Kantai F13 (Nairobi)
  • Events Co-Chairs: *Rebecca Sholes F90 (MA) and Abby Fried F15 (DC)
  • Professional Development Co-Chairs: Judy Dunbar F04 (Oakland) and Jennifer Haworth McCandless F97 (DC)

Steering Committee Members

  • Ana Garcia F13 (Sudan), Communications
  • Cyndi Levy F78 (VA), Events
  • Stacy Neal F13 (Boston), Events
  • *Sylvia Conti F82 (Rome), Local Groups
  • Jessica Meckler F16 (New Delhi), Local Groups
  • *Annie Paulson F13 (NYC), Local Groups
  • *Priya Ghandikota F02 (SF), Professional Development
  • *Illiriana Kacaniku F04 (SF), Professional Development

You can learn more about these women and their professional backgrounds here.

FWN Mission

Fletcher Women’s Network unites Fletcher alumnae of all generations and classes to support our professional and personal development and enhance our opportunities to contribute to our local, national and global community.  FWN is a volunteer-driven organization governed by an Executive Committee and a Steering Committee of alumnae who represent a variety of graduation years, personal and career paths, and geographies of residence.

Contact us at:  fletcheralumnae@gmail.com.

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