Welcome to the weekly museums in the news roundup!

Without a doubt the weirdest story of the week is this one: Desperate museum guard holds Renaissance masterpieces for ransom, only to have them stolen from his car (Museum of Fine Arts, Corsica, Italy)

Worcester Art Museum unveils modern art exhibit (Worcester Art Museum, Worcester, Massachusetts)

U of I donor of painting fought 1963 sale rumors [in connection with the University of Iowa’s proposed sale of a Jackson Pollock painting] (University of Iowa Art Museum, Des Moines, Iowa)
UI arts community celebrates withdrawal of Pollock bill (University of Iowa Art Museum, Des Moines, Iowa)
Art donors wary after Pollock bill (University of Iowa Art Museum, Des Moines, Iowa)

Financial problems for Seaport Museum New York (Seaport Museum, New York, New York)

Museum: a lens to examine America (various museums)

Oscar-nominated fashions on display at LA museum (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising Museum and Galleries, Los Angeles, California)

Creation Museum, same-sex couple, dispute entrance (Creation Museum, Petersburg, Kentucky)

VA couple seek slave artifacts returned (proposed National Slavery Museum, Fredericksburg, Maryland)

Egypt opens museums and historical sites (various museums)

Half a dodo found in museum drawer (Grant Museum, London, England)

NH children’s museum has new executive director (New Hampshire Children’s Museum, Dover, New Hampshire)

ACLU museum exhibit criticized (State Historical Building, Des Moines, Iowa)

JFK Library invites scrollers to try out president’s desk (John F. Kennedy Library and Museum, Boston, Massachusetts)

It’s a new era for Catalina Island Museum (Catalina Island Museum, Santa Catalina, California)

Local man donates rare JFK footage to museum (Sixth Floor Museum, Dallas, Texas)