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Below, you’ll find a list of job announcements posted to this blog. The most recent jobs are posted first.

Please realize that these jobs do not represent every museum job currently available. We do our best, but if you want to look for even more jobs, we’d suggest checking out these additional places:

HireCulture – Jobs in the Humanities in Massachusetts
HistPres – Unique Historic Preservation Jobs
Museum Employment Resource Center
Job HQ – American Association of Museums
American Association of State and Local History Career Center
New England Museum Association Jobs

To see our latest Weekly Jobs Round-Up, click here.


  1. Jim Roberts

    You may already know that I run the University of Leicester Jobs Desk (see URL above). Can I congratulate you on your work and just say if there’s any way I can help or advise, please get in touch. The Jobs desk works from an Access database which creates HTML pages for location, job type, etc., and javascript pop-up windows for each job. You might find this sort of arrangement makes searching easier for your students (and anyone else, of course).

    Best wishes,

    Jim Roberts

  2. Phillippa Pitts

    Dear Jim,
    Thank you so much for your comment. As you can see, we’re running a rather simple-tech blog, but I’ll definitely check out your jobs board for ideas. Thanks so much for reading and reaching out.
    Phillippa Pitts

  3. Jean MacIntyre

    Hello there

    Thought your students might like to see these career enhancement opportunities in summer 2015 in the UK:

    Open Palace Programme

    Open Book Programme

    best wishes

    Jean Mac

  4. Tegan Kehoe

    Thanks for passing this along!

  5. Jenny Atkinson

    We have a Museum Curator job posting we would like to share. Please let me know the best way to do so. Thanks!

  6. Colleen Sutherland

    Hi Jenny,

    You can email the listing to tufts.museum.blog@gmail.com and it will go up within 24 hours!


  7. Michele Phillips

    Job opportunity: Hart Cluett Museum in Troy, New York is looking for an Executive Director.

    Please see the full posting at https://nysmuseums.org/MANYJobboard/13022523

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