Welcome to our weekly roundup of museums in the news!

Minneapolis Museum Agrees To Return Ancient Vase

Opening Day For Barnes Museum in Philadelphia: Next May 19th

Museum Admission as an Expression of Mission

The V&A Museum Turned into a Living Room for London Design Week

Museum to allow DNA tests for man who suspects he’s ex-PM Diefenbaker’s son

Collector pulling paintings from Holland Museum

‘Virtual museum’ preserves memories of Rock Hill

NY parks, historic sites recovering from Irene

New Cleveland Museum chair ‘not an art person’

Boston museum lets you spend ‘A Day in Pompeii’

As Folk Art Museum Teeters, a Huge Loss Looms

Secret Cold War Spy Satellite Program Declassified, Finally Revealed

NYC’s Lower East Side Tenement Museum hosts naturalization ceremony for 18 immigrants

2 teens accused of stealing Revolutionary War weapons from NJ museum during Irene power outage

Ramen Museum? My cup runneth over!

Toronto air and space museum facing eviction

National Museum of American History Receives Peace Corps Objects

Animal Museum And, Oh, a House