Welcome to our weekly roundup of museum news stories.

Driving America: Henry Ford Museum Redefines Automotive History

JFK library releases last of his secret tapes

Apple’s Secret Museum Offer Clues to Inner Workings

Philadelphia Museum of Art Guitar Pick

Abu Dhabi Greenlights Its Mega-Museum Project

Inside Prada’s 24 Hour Museum

Agency awards $5 million to Museum of Science for life sciences exhibit

Museum Studies’ move off Foggy Bottom helps satisfy enrollment restrictions

France returns 20 Maori heads to New Zealand in hopes of properly respecting the dead

Holocaust Museum: Jewish World War II vets drive new exhibit

British Museum opens biggest exhibition on Haj

The Curious Case of the Closure of the Charles Dickens Museum

Applause greets decision to put museum levy on ballot

Museum of Celebrity Leftovers offers food for thought

Hermitage sets up mini-museum in Madrid’s Prado

Chicago’s museums weathering the economy well

History museum to feature ski jump simulator

Danforth Museum eyes Maynard Building