This sounds really interesting and right up the museum studies alley. Check it out if you can!

March 5, 6 pm, art history department seminar room, 11 Talbot Ave.

Lucia Allais, Princeton,

The Salvage of Abu Simbel, or, Heritage as Technology

Lucia Allais is Assistant Professor in the History and Theory of Architecture  at Princeton University. She specializes in the intellectual and political history of architecture, urbanism, and preservation since 1900, with a particular focus on international institutions and global practices. She has published a number of essays, including “International Style Heritage” in Volume 20 (2009); “The Real and the Theoretical 1968” in Perspecta 32 (2010); and a translation of Superstudio’s Salvage of Historic City Centers in Log 22 (2011). She is working on a book about the international preservation movement and the history of destruction in the twentieth century.