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Of course, undeniably the story for this week is the fallout from the government shutdown: shuttering museums, historic sites and parks around the country. Although many articles, like this one from the Washington Post, focus on the National Mall, let’s not forget the bigger impact around the country.

Image Credit Kevin Lamarque /Reuters/Landov

Image Credit Kevin Lamarque /Reuters/Landov

Of course, as with any such situation, there are the heroes. For example, the Indianapolis Children’s Museum offered free admission for federal employees. While it was only for a weekend and family members still had to pay, what a great gesture to liven the spirits of furloughed workers!

In other news, 

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  1. I am working to learn all I can about this project I undertook a year ago out of love for the history and concern for the future of the neighborhood. Have a small museum and community center in Mt.Hope, WV…DuBois on Main. Focus is LOCAL history about the students, teachers, communities served by DuBois High School – 1919-1956. Major General Charles Rogers went to DuBois High..inspiration for the kids. We are now starting to work on seeking program & project grants. Board of directors includes young people who are active & involved in community and others who are community leaders. My friend, Rowena Stewart, has given me so many ideas and networking is a major one. I’m ready to accept any thoughts, suggestions. Website will help you understand and see what we are doing. Thanks for the listening ear.

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