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The Editor


Hi everyone! My name is Christina and I will be starting my second year as a master’s student in Museum Education at Tufts in the Fall! I’m originally from New Hampshire, so I’ve adapted well to the mountains of snow and bitter cold that we get here in Boston. I received my B.A. in Classical Archaeology with a minor in Classical Studies in May of 2015 from Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. As it is with most 20-year-olds, when I thought about graduating from college I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my degree. The one thing I did know was that, for some reason, when I thought about my dream job in the future I could really only see myself working in a museum.

The summer before my senior year, I had that proverbial “aha” moment that we as museum educators always talk about while participating in an archaeological dig at a historic museum in New Hampshire. The dig was located centrally on the museum’s property where a daily tour walked by. Part of my job as a field school student (read: shovel bum) was to be able to talk to the public about what we were doing and finding. During the field school, I remember telling the intern I was working with that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get my master’s in archaeology or in museum studies. She said, “By the end of the dig, you’ll know.” And she was right. As soon as we stepped out of the dig into the lab for two weeks to clean and catalog the artifacts we had found, I realized what I really had enjoyed about the dig was engaging with the public. Thus, my journey as an emerging museum educator began and luckily I ended up here, at Tufts, my first choice of grad schools. Since the dig, I’ve held various internships and positions at historic house museums, art galleries, and I’m currently interning in the Discovery Center at the Museum of Science, Boston (which I’m loving).

Myself and a fellow Tufts Museum Studies student at our first NEMA conference last fall.

Myself and a fellow Tufts Museum Studies student at our first NEMA conference last fall (woohoo!).

In my free time, I love to read, knit, run, go on bike rides, watch The Office, and visit museums (because I clearly can’t get enough of them through my classes or my job). Although my background is in archaeology and I have worked primarily in historic house settings, I also love visiting art and science museums. I’ve genuinely enjoyed every position I’ve held in a museum regardless of what kind of museum it was, and since I’ve worked in varying genres and sizes of museums I can’t really narrow down my specific interests to one topic. However, I am really interested in things like community engagement, informal learning, and school partnerships particularly for under-served communities.

If you’ve gotten this far in my entire life story/blabbering biography, I hope this means you’ll be a regular reader of the blog! I’m really looking forward to what’s to come this year.




  1. margaret feuer

    July 29, 2013 at 6:18 pm

    How do I post a job listing on your site for executive director of a local history museum in Palo Alto, CA.?

  2. We’d be happy to add your job listing! Please email us at Thank you!

  3. Museums are one of the most popular items on any city tour itinerary. They present history, culture, nature, some museums are simply funny and meant to entertain us

  4. Thank you for posting all of the museum jobs. For easier reference, could you please put the month and year of the posting, i see several have “1974.”

  5. Hi Garret, Good eye! The 1974 dating is a workaround that was set up when the blog was built to stop all the job postings from individually mailing to those who had subscribed the blog. We’ll start putting a posting date on them! Thanks.

  6. Dear Web Master
    Cooper Hewitt positions have closed and been filled. Kindly take the announcements off the website after they have closed. Kind regards,

  7. Hello,
    I’d be glad to take the positions down if I am notified that they have been filled; however, this information isn’t always publicly available, so I default to posting the date the applications are due, if that information has been announced. I will take down the recent Cooper Hewitt positions. If you want to talk about this further, or to let Tufts students know about openings (and when they fill) in the future, you can email me at

  8. How do I update information for our Association?

  9. You can comment here, or email me at, and I’ll make the changes as soon as possible.

  10. I have MA in Museum and Heritage Studies. I have been practicing as a field guide in Ghana for 7 years now. Anyone knows of a Museum I can be relavant too? I would be happy to know. Thanks.

  11. Hi Jonathan,
    I recommend checking out our jobs page — — and if you are looking for jobs specific to your field guide experience, I recommend using some of the links towards the top, which point you to a number of other job boards, some of which allow you to filter your search by type of position. Best of luck!

  12. Thank you for let us know about your museum studies. Looks very interested to who web love arts.

  13. Hi Colleen and Jess, thanks for sharing your passion with us.
    All those people who enjoy art can visit this blog and enjoy your articles, and even better, we can participate by sharing our experiences and knowledge in the comments.
    Thanks again and best regrds.

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