Snapshots of my Search History

by columnist Tegan Kehoe

Students in this year’s Exhibition Planning class were given a challenge: choose an image that inspires you from the photographs in Historic New England’s exhibition, “The Camera’s Coast,” and use it as a jumping-off point for a full-blown exhibition plan. In May, the Tufts University Art Gallery will host an exhibition that will offer a peek into their minds, with mini-exhibitions showing what each of them came up with. In the meantime, follow along on the Facebook page and on guest posts on this blog for previews into the process. The first guest blogger, Tegan, normally writes the column “The Wider World,” but today she’s sharing a bit about the foibles of research.

Snapshots: 15 Takes on an Exhibition is to take place at the Tufts University Koppleman Gallery May 6-18, 2014. Opening reception Tuesday, May 6, 2014, 5:30-8pm. See the Facebook page here.

One of the things I love about history and museum work is all of the weird research paths I end up going down. In the past few months, I’ve been collecting ideas, information, and images for my exhibition proposal “Rich Clam, Poor Clam” and the detail view of it which will be my part of Snapshots: 15 Takes on an Exhibition. “Rich Clam, Poor Clam” is about the cultures surrounding food in different social classes in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in New England, focusing on the way seafood had a special place in the diet of both the poor and the rich. Here are a few snapshots of what I’ve found along the way.

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Exhibit opening next Monday!

Don’t forget: The Wonder Smith: Children’s Book Illustrations of Boris Artzybasheff opens with a public reception from 5:30 to 8 p.m. next Monday, May 6.

This exhibition includes over 40 black and white works from the Boston Public Library’s John D. Merriam Collection. Through them, visitors can explore the artist’s creative and technical genius. Many are accompanied by excerpts from the stories they depict. Jump into the world of storytelling, early 20th century Russia and America, and children’s illustrations.

The exhibit is on view at the Tufts University Art Gallery in the Aidekman Arts Center at Tufts University. Learn more by reading the press release here.

Save the Date for the “The Wonder Smith”

Explore the children’s book illustrations of Boris Artzybasheff as curated by students from the Tufts University Museum Studies Program. On view from May 6-19, 2013, this is the first solo exhibition of Artzbasheff’s folk-inspired and whimsical illustrations. The exhibition showcases over 40 black-and-white works—many accompanied by excerpts from the fanciful stories they depict—that convey the creative and technical genius embodied in a prolific 20-year career.

Learn more from the Press Release.

So save the date, and make time for the public opening reception on May 6 from 5-8:30 pm!

Opportunity! TED meets Tufts

Did you know that the Tufts Idea Exchange (TEX) team sets up TEX every spring here at Tufts?  If you’re interested, check out the message below and contact their team. This could be a great opportunity for us to share what we do with the broader Tufts community!

TEX is a TED-style forum for ideas where speakers share an idea that ignited their passions. Recognized as 2012’s Program of the Year by the Office of Campus Life, TEX provides a unique opportunity for Tufts students, faculty, staff, and alumni to explore ideas.

We have just opened applications for TEX this semester and we are looking for student speakers. Our mission is to create a forum for the Tufts community to exchange ideas that promote creative and constructive thought and action. We want to make sure to make this event is inclusive of all the diverse and fascinating disciplines on campus!

This is a great opportunity for a student to share their ideas with the broader community and gain experience in public speaking. Please let us know of any students that come to mind or if you prefer, you can also nominate students on our website: .